MSNBC's Rubin Slams GOP Guest As 'Inhumane Beast,' 'Raised by Wolves'

January 14th, 2018 3:37 PM

On Sunday's AM Joy on MSNBC, as frequent guest Jennifer Rubin was finally being credited as an "MSNBC political analyst," the alleged "conservative" Washington Post columnist demonstrated that she will continue to use her new MSNBC contributor status to deliver liberal analysis as she demonized a Republican guest by asking her if she is an "inhumane beast" who was "raised by wolves."

Notably, just a couple of days ago, Rubin declared that she still wishes to be identified as a "conservative" when Hardball host Chris Matthews wondered if he should drop the "conservative" label for her as he admitted that he never identifies liberal columnists as "liberal."

On Sunday morning, as she debated the Trump administration's plans to curtail immigration -- including the Temporary Protected Status program -- with Stephanie Hamill of the National Diversity Coalition for Trump, Rubin went berzerk and suggested that her fellow panel member -- who was already outnumbered 3-1 -- was an "inhumane beast." Rubin:

What kind of person would send back people who have been working here, who have contributed to this country, who have children here, who will be separated from their children from their communities? What kind of inhumane beast? Are you raised by wolves?

Ironically, longtime left-wing MSNBC contributor Joan Walsh was let go just last month -- and if Rubin can be viewed as essentially her replacement, it will be no improvement in terms of providing a greater balance of opinions on the network that slants heavily to the left. Walsh herself last year referred to House Speaker Paul Ryan as a "monster," so Rubin seems to be following in her footsteps.

And, although Rubin has a history of being identified as a conservative columnist for the Washington Post, over the past year as she has made appearances on MSNBC, there has been precious little that is right-leaning about her analysis as she has sided with liberals on a range of issues.

She has pushed for more gun control, supported DACA, and defended Planned Parenthood. She has even cheered on the "dying off" of social conservatives, and hit Democrats from the left by complaining about Democrats recently criticizing former President Bill Clinton's mistreatment of women.

On Friday's Hardball, Matthews ironically took a moment to question whether he should continue to label her as "conservative" as he introduced her:

CHRIS MATTHEWS: Jennifer Rubin is a conservative columnist -- you know, we should just say "columnist." We never say "liberal columnist." Anyway, conservative columnist of the Washington Post, and an MSNBC political analyst. But you like "conservative," right?

JENNIFER RUBIN: Yeah, I still am.