CNN Weinstein Panel Explodes When Carpenter Invokes Clinton Sex Scandals, Cover-Ups

October 10th, 2017 6:06 PM

Showing off the liberal media’s willful blindness concerning the Clintons, Tuesday’s CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin featured CNN political commentator and former Ted Cruz staffer Amanda Carpenter being shouted down in a Harvey Weinstein segment for invoking the sexual misdeeds by Bill Clinton and enabling by Hillary Clinton. 

Baldwin turned to Carpenter for the political side of the horrifying Weinstein story, wondering why it took five days for Hillary Clinton to offer a statement seeing as how her campaign received truckloads of money from Weinstein.



One knew things would deteriorate when Carpenter stated that Clinton’s delay was “pathetic” but then questioned whether or not Weinstein’s despicable acts would have come to light if Clinton had won the election:

[B]ut I think we also have to look at why all this information is coming to light now. I seriously wonder if Hillary Clinton were president and Harvey Weinstein were the uber-connected, powerful, Democratic donor with access to the highest, most powerful people in the world, if this would have come out now? Because again and again, when these cases of, you know, sexual abusers who enjoy a lot of power, these dominoes don't start tumbling down until they start to lose that power. 

Carpenter noted that this was the case with Ailes before going back to Weinstein, but the soberness of the segment had been sucked out of the room as Baldwin and’s Rachel Sklar wouldn’t allow this to stand. 

Sklar complained that she found “it so strange that people keep on trying to name Hillary Clinton as though she's culpable when Donald Trump is in the White House.”

Yes, there have been allegations about the President. However, this is about Weinstein and his Democratic allies, so liberals shouldn’t be left off the hook.

Carpenter hit back that “Hillary Clinton is not president right now because she enabled sexual abuse, let's be clear on that.” Needless to say, Sklar was enraged:

I mean, if George Clooney and Ben Affleck who were working with Harvey Weinstein for many, many years — both have explicitly come out and said that they are just learning this now, I don't think fair to impute any of this knowledge to Hillary Clinton.

Undeterred, Carpenter dropped this truth bomb amidst the shouting: 

CARPENTER: Hillary Clinton has a track record of being slow on the draw. Let’s be frank. During the Clinton administration, she covered up for her husband. 

SKLAR: During the Clinton administration.

CARPENTER: She helped gaslight a [INAUDIBLE], calling Monica Lewinsky a crazy Loonytune. No, I normally would not bring this up — 


CARPENTER: This is how he recovered himself from the Access Hollywood tapes. Had she not done that, she would not have had the card to play against her. Just look at what had happened in the campaign. 

Baldwin and Sklar would then chastise Carpenter for talking about Clinton instead of Weinstein (despite the fact that Baldwin asked Carpenter about Mrs. Clinton). The two can deny all they want, but the facts are what they are about the Clintons and sexual deviancy.

Before Baldwin steered things back to Weinstein, Sklar deemed Carpenter’s decision to invoke the Clintons as “a red herring and a distraction from discussing” Weinstein and how “it’s fairly clear” that Weinstein’s analog to American politics is Trump.

Perhaps the two best instances of Clinton showing her enabling of Bill and blasting the allegations were January 1998 interviews on ABC’s Good Morning America and NBC’s Today.

My superiors Brent Bozell and Tim Graham wrote this about Clinton’s infamous Matt Lauer sit-down in their 2007 book Whitewash:

[S]o Lauer tried again, a different way. "But he has described to the American people what this relationship was not in his words. Has he described to you what it was?" Again Mrs. Clinton replied with a creepy non-answer: "Yes. And we'll find that out as time goes by, Matt. But I think the important thing now is to stand as firmly as I can and say that, you know, the president has denied these allegations on all counts, unequivocally. And we'll see how this plays out."

Notice the double-talk here. Hillary had spoken with her husband “at great length” but “we’ll find out” what the truth was. And she could “stand as firmly as I can and say” ...that her husband had denied the allegations. Would any wife who wasn't so graspingly ambitious, so politically calculating, respond to charges she thought were outrageously false by suggesting so impersonally "we'll see how this plays out"? Would any normal wife tell millions of American women the answer was unimportant, that "We'll find that out as time goes by"?

Next Lauer asked if she knew her president had given gifts to Lewinsky, to which Hillary answered, "I've seen him take his tie off and hand it to somebody....He is kind. He is friendly. He tries to help people who need help, who ask for help."She wanted to change the subject: "But I'm very concerned about the tactics being used and the kind of intense political agenda at work here."

As people may know, Clinton went onto blame the allegations of sexual impropriety on a “vast right-wing conspiracy” against her husband. Spolier alert: the allegations turned out to be true!

Lauer wondered if then-President Clinton should be asked for his resignation if the Lewinsky affair was proven true. Mrs. Clinton gave this asinine answer: “Well, I think that-if all that were proven true, I think that would be a very serious offense. That is not going to be proven true.”

The other interview was a day later with then-GMA co-host Lisa McRee. Similarly, the future presidential candidate was lobbed softball after softball and seized the opportunity to double down on her “vast right-wing conspiracy” claim.

“I have talked to my husband about everything. But I don't, you know, ever talk about my conversations with my husband. But I can state unequivocally that, as my husband has said, these are false allegations,” Clinton forcefully replied.

Despite Paula Jones having gone public and others out there, Clinton maintained that she’s “seen so many false accusations against not just my husband but myself, I really just want everybody to take a deep breath and relax and just, you know, sit back, because here they come again.”

Then came the humdinger with Clinton offering rather awkward accolades for Bill Clinton:

McREE: What is it about your husband, Mrs. Clinton, that seems to make him a lightning rod for these types of allegations?

CLINTON: Well, it's not just these types, it's all types. You know, I said yesterday that my husband, ever since I've known him, inspires very strong feelings. People, for reasons I don't understand and have ever since I've known him, really just hate him over some of his policies, his personality. I mean, I've always thought of my husband as a pretty friendly, gregarious person, yet I know that there are some people in our country -- and there were in Arkansas, and there have been in every political campaign he's ever been in -- who just think the worst of him, make up stories about him, spread rumors about him. And, you know, we've had people accuse us of murder, accuse him of drug running, accuse of everything under the sun. And I have to believe that it is in large measure motivated by people who just flat-out disagree with the kind of politics and policies that my husband believes are best for America.

McREE: You've also talked about your husband's generosity and his warmth and his, you know, his warmth with people, even, you know, people he hardly knows.

CLINTON: People he doesn't know, you know, he just is that kind of human being that reaches out to all kinds of people.

McREE: I think you called him emotive. Have you ever talked to him about sending mixed signals?

CLINTON: No, no, because he is who he is. I mean, he is a happy, friendly, loving, kind, good person. And I think that that's who he is, and I -- you know, I get a kick out of it most times, because he just loves life. And he wants to live every minute of it, and he loves people. And I'm glad he does.

Yuck. Where have we heard these accolades for a sexual deviant before? 

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