Daily Beast’s Goff: There is a ‘Secret War on Black Republicans’

Give credit to The Daily Beast for highlighting an issue that conservatives have noted for decades: the Left’s war on black Republican politicians.

In her July 11 piece headlined, “The Secret War on Black Republicans,” the Beast contributor Keli Goff noted that while any racially inflammatory rhetoric directly at Democrats is frequently discussed by the mainstream media, “racially charged language targeting black Republicans rarely receives much media coverage, further fueling conservative suspicion of the mainstream media.”

Goff rattled through numerous examples of racism directed at black Republicans, all of which have gone virtually unreported by the liberal news media. She  pointed to the fact that when Republicans are faced with a member of the own ranks making racially charged comments, they must quickly denounce that individual – and rightfully so. However, according to Goff, “prominent Democrats and Democratic organizations rarely face similar pressure.”

Goff attempts to explain the reasoning for this obvious double standard, suggesting what some black Americans may feel privately: “people of color who associate with a party that many perceive as racist deserve what they get.”

She continued by claiming that many African-Americans view the problem as one strictly within their own community:

There is a sense among some it is merely an inter-community conflict, not a real one worthy of significant national discussion or debate, sort of like when siblings pick on each other.

Goff bringing attention to this troublesome fact about the mainstream media is critical. At the end of the day, this is an issue that was created entirely by the media’s insistence upon not covering racism coming from the left being directed at black Republicans. Goff is accurate when she claims that this erodes conservatives’ trust in the media.

As long as the liberal media continues to ignore the issue, it will remain a problem. Kudos to Ms. Goff for going it alone and calling out the media for at least one of its many clear examples of bias.

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