Feminists Still Fretting Over Tebow’s Super Bowl Ad

February 9th, 2010 6:08 PM

Shelby Knox, a Huffington Post blogger who bills herself as a "full time speaker and organizer working with progressive organizations to promote sex education, women's rights, and youth empowerment" admitted to Fox News's Megyn Kelly this afternoon that women's groups are upset about the Tim Tebow Super Bowl ad because it was produced by the conservative organization Focus on the Family.

"We definitely respect Pam Tebow's choice, and the ad in itself, as was expected seemed very benign," claimed Knox. "The point is, Focus on the Family's agenda is not benign at all, and you can't consider something a choice when the entire agenda of the organization is to make sure other women can't make reproductive health decisions that are different than the one Pam Tebow made."

Knox also called Focus on the Family "a very radical, anti-choice, anti-woman organization" and decried the notion of CBS "partnering" with them to produce the ad.

Kelly asked Knox about the charges of some women's groups, including NOW, who have insisted that the image of Tebow tackling his mother in the ad "promotes violence against women."

"How does this ad promote violence against women?" asked Kelly. "Because people are laughing at you for making that claim They are laughing at you they think that's so ridiculous."

Knox admitted, "We're sort of laughing at ourselves. It was really said jokingly, it's not that serious but it's weird."