Marie Claire Hypes Lesbianism

September 16th, 2009 1:09 PM

Did the photo editors of Marie Claire and Maxim switch places for a day?

It sure seems that way, considering the picture of a lip-locked Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page that accompanied their joint, profanity-laced interview in the October issue of Marie Claire. [Photo after the jump.]

Conducted by writer Jessica Henderson, Page and Barrymore promoted their new movie, "Whip It," and attempted to blur the lines of friendship and girl-on-girl romance in the interview.

 "Whip It" is Barrymore's directing debut and Page stars as a "pageant girl" turned roller derby warrior.


"Shoehorned into a banquette on the sun-drenched patio of a Mediterranean joint in Manhattan's West Village, Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page can't keep their hands off each other," Henderson opened.  

Henderson included a titillating description of the seating arrangements in her introduction as well "Gigglingly pressed thigh-to-thigh, the roller girls spend the afternoon discussing everything from their Vegas trip to the sexiness of black socks."

Later, Page, an avowed "T-shirt and jeans-y" woman, credited Barrymore in answer to a question about her increasing comfort with dressing up for photo shoots. Barrymore tapped into every 14-year-old boy's fantasy of what happens at a girls' slumber party to support Page's statement:

On the movie, we'd do our costume fittings together and just talk about how to be comfortable with your body. I'd basically chase her around and say, "If you don't mind doing this scene in your underwear-and keep those black socks on-I'd love it. That's more real: When you spend the night with girlfriends, you're going to wake up in your undies and socks.

Barrymore continued to talk about how she feels more comfortable in her body than she did when she was younger, and offered Page the compliment of, "She was in her frickin' bra with an open jacket and hot-pink shorts, skating around the rink with red lips and ...and she was as sexy as a mother...a feral creature. It was great."

The interview clearly celebrated the friendship forged between Page and Barrymore during the filming of their movie. And female friendships are  wonderful. But next time, could Marie Claire remember their target audience is women and not adolescent boys?