Morning Joe Plays Softball With Senator McCaskill

June 8th, 2018 9:21 PM

In yet another blatant display of liberal media bias, we humbly submit for your consideration interview questions for Missouri Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill from Thursday's on Morning Joe.

Interviewing a member of the prestigious Senate Armed Services Committee should be a real chance to dig for details about the chance for peace in Korea or perhaps they even ask her about the collapse of ObamaCare in Missouri? Wrong. Leave it to MSNBC to spoil a grand opportunity to dig deeper into those pressing issues in favor of questions clearly designed to bash Republicans and the democratically elected President of the United States.



Overall, the interview resulted in a total of eight questions. Two dealing with Rudy Giuliani, one about the “breaking down of the foundations that we were built on”, one about impeachment, two about Puerto Rico, one about Gov. Greitens, and a real softball (no pun intended) about the St. Louis Cardinals.

Thereafter, the fawning session begins with Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski asking not just once but twice about how she perceived Rudy Giuliani’s comments about adult film actress Stormy Daniels. Furthermore, after Brzezinski came just short of praising McCaskill, Brzezinski visibly plead with her: “How does anything actually move forward for this country, for the people of your state, in an atmosphere like this, which is breaking down the foundations that we were built on, that this country is supported by?”

If you were hoping the interview would steer into policy that’s important to millions of Americans, it was anything but the case. Just moments after Brzezinski lambasts the direction of the country, Brzezinski gave way to John Heilemann, who sounds more like a tinfoil hat wearer spouting conspiracies’ than a journalist.

As the interview derailed into a “Republican bash session” to which MSNBC is infamous for, one couldn’t help but think of the millions of Missourians who are living paycheck to paycheck and could care less about comments Rudy made or the unlikely impeachment of a man they supported by a 19-point margin. According to the progressive, premiums in the Kansas City and St. Louis regions have risen between 30 percent and 40 percent for the bronze plan, and as high as the upper 40 percent and 50 percent increases for the gold plan. As marketplace premiums drive up the cost of healthcare in Missouri, a significant number of counties have been left without insurers or only one as choice continues to dry up for most vulnerable Americans.

Consequently, sticking to the substantive issues that are dearly important to millions of Americans the liberal media again prove just how out of touch and what little concern they have for the folks in flyover country. At least the Cardinals are in playoff contention, right Joe Scarborough?