NY Times Plugs UN Report's Demand for Abortion, Reparations, Gun Control in US

September 2nd, 2022 12:31 AM

New York Times United Nations beat reporter Nick Cumming-Bruce took seriously yet another ridiculous report issued by the ineffectual global organization embraced by the international left, in Wednesday’s edition: “U.N. Race Panel Sounds the Alarm on Abortion Access in the U.S.”

Besides meddling in American politics, the United Nations panel took it upon themselves to castigate America for its racism and demand reparations.

An influential United Nations panel that examined the state of race relations in the United States called on the Biden administration on Tuesday to address a host of concerns, including imperiled abortion access for minorities, curbs on voting rights and the country’s “increasingly militarized approach” to immigration.

The 18 experts on the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination delivered their findings after a two-day hearing in Geneva. A 24-member delegation of American officials participated in the hearing this month, including the mayor of Atlanta and representatives of multiple federal and state agencies.

The committee, known as C.E.R.D., was one of the first international bodies to sound the alarm globally on China’s treatment of Uyghurs and other minorities in its Xinjiang region. This month, it highlighted the fraught issue of vanishing abortion access in the United States. It urged the Biden administration to safeguard access for ethnic and racial minorities and low-income people -- groups that it said would be disproportionately hit by the Supreme Court’s ruling overturning Roe v. Wade.


This was the U.N. panel’s first review of racial issues in the United States since the Obama administration. The committee, made up of independent experts drawn from around the globe, published a 14-page report….

While the paper's headline conveniently emphasized abortion, which is seen as helping Democrats this year, Cumming emphasized the truly radical parts of the document, including racial reparations.

On the issue of slavery, committee members urged the Biden administration to address demands for reparations. Civil rights groups participating in the panel’s review presented reparations as the defining racial issue of the era -- a litmus test of Mr. Biden’s commitment to advancing racial justice.

There were no dissenting voices provided, with the radical left-wing report presented neutrally and used to snipe at the Biden Administration from the left.

Mr. Biden has expressed support for proposals to set up a commission to study reparations for slavery, but in its exchanges with the committee, administration officials did not commit to action on the issue.

Panel members indicated that should change.

“The tensions between those who owe reparations and those who are owed reparations -- the present impasse between them is untenable,” Prof. Verene Shepherd, a Jamaican academic who is chairwoman of the U.N. committee, said after presenting the panel’s findings.

Even guns were seen as a racist issue. Of course, if the U.N. had truly been paying attention to race issues in America, it would have condemned the teachers unions working with the Centers for Disease Control to disproportionately deprive minority children of education with overzealous COVID regulations.

Cumming-Bruce lays a lot of stock in the U.N. Last year, a batch of U.N. “experts” condemned the findings of a U.K.-commissioned report that had the gall to suggest the country wasn’t hopelessly bigoted against minorities, and he pounced:

United Nations human rights experts on Monday issued a devastating critique of a report on race published last month by the British government, accusing its authors of repackaging racist tropes, distorting history and normalizing white supremacy.

Only left-wing UN reports and experts have credibility at the Times.