Desperate NY Times Finds Racism, Nationalism in Admiring Asians, Museum of the Bible

January 8th, 2018 7:42 PM

Stretching to find racism in every corner of the American psyche, the New York Times Sunday Review found nationalism and white supremacy in finding Asian women attractive, as well as in the new Museum of the Bible in D.C.

Audrea Lim’s “The Alt-Right’s Asian Fetish – How the ‘model minority’ myth blends with racist ideology, stated: “The white supremacists on the far right have “yellow fever” -- an Asian woman fetish. It’s a confusing mix.”

After naming a few alt-right figures with Asian wives, Lim tackled the main point: Criticizing the myth of Asians as the “‘model minority’ in which Asian-Americans are painted as all hard-working, high-achieving and sufficiently well-behaved to assimilate. If Asians are the model minority -- if that is how nonwhites can find acceptance in white America -- then perhaps that opens the door to acceptance from white supremacists.”

Hard-working? High-achieving? When will these slanders end?

Still, Lim left herself an out to exploit those same stereotypes, so perhaps they’re not as bad as she’s pretending:

This fun-house mirror asks me to be smarter, nicer, prettier and more accomplished than my white counterparts for the same amount of respect, then floods my dating app inbox with messages that reek of Asian fetish. Thankfully, I’m not required to care or let it define me; for what it’s worth, I am even entitled to play up the stereotypes if I see something to be gained.....

Speaking of unreasonable prejudice.... Lim is the editor of a Verso book, the charmingly titled The Case for Sanctions Against Israel, which argues for BDS (boycotts, divestment, and sanctions) against Israel, a movement many consider anti-Semitic for blaming Israel alone for the Palestinian conflict, while denying Israel the right granted in theory to all other peoples -- self-determination.

Also in the Sunday Review, Katherine Stewart’s “The Museum of the Bible Is a Safe Space for Christian Nationalists” is a smear written by the author of “The Good News Club: The Christian Right’s Stealth Assault on America’s Children”:

Looking at it, you’d think that the Museum of the Bible was, in fact, a museum. But the organizers of Revolution 2017, a recent gathering at the museum featuring speakers who intend to “transform nations” by “igniting a holy reformation in every sphere of society,” know better.

“We wholeheartedly believe the Museum of the Bible represents an ‘Ark of the Covenant’ for our nation, bearing witness to his goodness,” they proclaimed in their promotional material.


If you walk in thinking that the Bible has a single meaning, that the evidence of archaeology and history has served to confirm its truth, that it is the greatest force for good humanity has ever known and that it is the founding text of the American republic -- well, then, you will leave with a smile on your face and a song in your heart.

The museum is a safe space for Christian nationalists, and that is the key to understanding its political mission....

Stewart had a unique way of describing a Supreme Court ruling upholding religious freedom:

Mr. Green rose to fame by getting the conservative majority on the Supreme Court to confer on Hobby Lobby the right to withhold federally mandated reproductive health care coverage from its female employees....

Stewart wrote an astonishingly ignorant piece for the paper last August that rooted school choice in Christian Confederate racism. So of course, the Times considers her well-qualified to pontify on the new Bible Museum.