Pro-Amnesty New York Times Upset Over Trump and Jeb's 'Offensive...Anchor Baby...Slur'

Jeb Bush and Donald Trump faced off 20 miles apart in separate town meetings in New Hampshire, New York Times' Ashley Parker and Jeremy Peters reported Thursday in "Dueling Town Hall Meetings Add Distance to the Bush-Trump Gulf." The reporters also demonstrated that the pro-amnesty NYT would use the illegal immigration issue to harass the Republican Party all the way to November 2016. In this instance, by ginning up mock outrage against the "slur" of "anchor babies," used by Trump and later the more moderate Bush to describe children born in the United States to people here illegally, thus providing an advantage to parents seeking citizenship.

The Times followed the lead of an ultra-sensitive ABC News reporter in getting riled up over what the liberal paper also decided was a heinously offensive term: "anchor babies."

At a serious and sober town hall meeting here Wednesday night, Jeb Bush dropped statistics like New Year’s Eve confetti.

“A third at best, a third of our kids are college and/or career ready,” Mr. Bush said when asked if the Islamic State or “K-through-12” education posed the bigger threat to the United States. “We spend more per student than any country in the world other than Belgium and Luxembourg.”

But the real party, complete with a blaring Aerosmith soundtrack for fans while they waited, was just a short drive to the east, where Donald J. Trump was speaking at a school auditorium in Derry. He never saw Mr. Bush or his audience. But he said he could channel how they were probably feeling.

“You know what’s happening to Jeb’s crowd right down the street?” he asked his overflowing crowd. “They’re sleeping.”

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