Former New York Times Reporter Egan Mocks GOP's 'Crazy Caucus' in Congress

May 3rd, 2013 1:43 PM

Timothy Egan, former liberal reporter for the New York Times, hit his usual topic (those wacky Republicans) in his Thursday online column, the wittily titled "House of Un-Representatives."

After mocking Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert for repeating a claim that caribou like to nuzzle up to an oil pipeline targeted by environmentalists, Egan noted that Gohmert "has said so many crazy things that this assertion passed with little comment."

Egan then made Gohmert his scapegoat for the Republican-led House of Representatives in full, whining about gerrymandering and "an insular, aggressively ignorant House of Representatives" with low approval ratings and not enough diversity.

Only 63 percent of the United States population is white. But in the House Republican majority, it’s 96 percent white. Women are 51 percent of the nation, but among the ruling members of the House, they make up just 8 percent. (It’s 30 percent on the Democratic side.)

Egan accused the Republican majority of "consciously trying to derail a fragile recovery," for what reason he doesn't say.

Gohmert, like others in the House crazy caucus, has benefitted from a gerrymandered district. He can do anything short of denouncing Jesus and get re-elected.