NYTimes Hypes 'Damning Report' on Murdoch's Media Empire: Four Front-Page Stories in Eight Days

There's a clear Rupert Murdoch obsession within the headquarters of the New York Times. In anticipation of a report from the British government, the Times in the last week has gone into overdrive with front-page stories attacking the international media mogul and chief executive of News Corporation, which oversees conservative-leaning media organs and is a direct Times competitor in New York with the Wall Street Journal and New York Post.

The "damning report" was featured on Wednesday's front page: "Panel in Hacking Case Finds Murdoch Unfit as News Titan." It marks the fourth time in eight days that the Times has played the unfolding media and political scandal on the front page. In contrast, the Washington Post played today's news in the Style section.

Monday brought a front-page analysis by Amy Chozick: "A Scandal Starts to Hem In Murdoch's Empire."

Thursday April 26: "Murdoch, Center Stage, Plays Powerless Broker."

Wednesday April 25: "Murdoch Case Shifts Its Focus To a Minister."

The Times has issued several hit pieces over the years on Murdoch and his media holdings, some but not of all of which have a conservative tilt, in contrast to the liberal Times. Former executive editor Bill Keller made a hobby of attacking Murdoch-owned Fox News, as did former executive editor Howell Raines in typically crude fashion.

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