Hollywood Doubles Down on Open Border Propaganda

September 21st, 2019 1:30 PM

There’s little daylight between the current Democrats running for the White House and Hollywood messaging.

Consider the following topics:

Justice Brett Kavanaugh? Impeach!

The rich? Raise their taxes!

Gun control? We need more! 

Trump? Impeach! (unless it hurts our chances in 2020)

That’s especially true regarding illegal Immigration. No wall, no border enforcement. And 
they’re putting kids in cages! (never mind that the previous president did that, too)

President Donald Trump’s hardline stance on immigration, also known as enforcing the law, makes him an enduring target for the Hollywood Left. And, as a result, we’re seeing an increasing number of shows attacking the issue from the progressive point of view.

That means open borders, even if they fear couching it in those terms.

Enter Party of Five. The popular Fox series is getting the reboot treatment like most classic shows these days. The original series followed five children orphaned after their parents die in a car crash.

The show made Neve Campbell and Matthew Fox stars and ran for six seasons.

Now, it’s back but with a progressive twist. The reboot, bowing early next year on Freeform, will focus on five children whose illegal immigrant parents have been sent back to Mexico.    



Once again the purpose of the story is obvious and politically charged.

Freeform just announced the reboot will premiere January 8, around the time that DACA will be adjudicated by the Supreme Court. [Executive producer and writer Amy] Lippman, co-creator Chris Keyser and the show’s team acknowledge that at times the show could be somewhat out of step with the latest events. But Michal Zebede, co-executive producer and writer, said regardless of how the current landscape evolves, the show’s emotional core will remain.

“The volatility is what we’re capturing,” she said. Two years after the reboot took shape, “the situation is so much worse. … Now, kids are not only being separated from their parents. They’re being held in detention centers and treated like livestock. Experts have likened the situation to torture facilities.”

Without the actual torture part, of course.

The team behind the new series understand the propaganda value Party of Five 2.0 packs.

“This looks like a family like your family,” says Lippman. “We did it intentionally. … Part of America thinks these people are different. But they love their families the same way. That’s how we hope to bring people into the tent.”

Another upcoming project comes from singer/actress Selena Gomez. She’s teamed with Netflix to produce a docu-series called Living Undocumented.

You don’t have to squint to read between the lines here.

The far-left Hollywood Reporter says the show will “put human faces” on the immigration battle currently raging in the U.S. “Living Undocumented” follows eight families currently living in the U.S. illegally “in their quest to pursue the American dream,” the site says.

Gomez’s rationale for coming aboard is clear.

“I chose to produce this series, Living Undocumented, because over the past few years, the word ‘immigrant’ has seemingly become a negative word,” said Gomez. “My hope is that the series can shed light on what it’s like to live in this country as an undocumented immigrant firsthand, from the courageous people who have chosen to share their stories.”

Added [Executive Producer Aaron] Saidman, “Living Undocumented is designed to illuminate one of the most important issues of our time. But rather than discussing this issue with only statistics and policy debates, we wanted viewers to hear directly from the immigrants themselves, in their own words, with all the power and emotion that these stories reflect.”

Will the show feature the short or long-term consequences of illegal immigration? That’s rhetorical.

Living Undocumented debuts on Netflix Oct. 2.

These shows are in addition to programs which routinely bring up immigration issues, framing them in the most pro-open borders manner possible.

The Hulu horror anthology Into the Dark recently featured an immigration-themed thriller called Culture Shock. The episode followed a Mexican woman “exposing” America’s dark underbelly when it comes to immigration policies.

The new Twilight Zone reboot aggressively blurred the lines between “legal” and “illegal” immigration, a common liberal practice.

“We are all immigrants from somewhere, be it another city, another country, or another dimension,” the narrator warns during the episode.

The CW entered the one-sided debate last month via an episode of its Two Sentences Horror Story.

The tale follows a Hispanic nanny, Araceli, who fends off a pair of nasty home invaders. NewsBusters takes it from there.

The perpetrators behind the invasion turn out to be two wealthy teens who simply wanted to cause trouble out of boredom. Araceli manages to come out as a hero to the local press, but that comes with some unforeseen consequences. When the public learns about her name and background, her own home and family are visited by some unwanted figures. Note the bold letters “ICE” on their uniforms.

Saidman’s words, while addressing a single program, cover the current wave of open borders TV. We learn through emotionally-charged stories, not White Papers and crunched numbers. Hollywood is all too happy to spin the open-borders movement through stories, and character, to win our hearts and influence the electorate.

The aforementioned shows may be the first wave of content aimed at President Trump’s signature issue – border enforcement. Expect the propaganda to intensify as the 2020 presidential campaign heats up.

[Cross-posted from Hollywood in Toto.]