Celebs Blame Palestinians Deaths in Gaza on Trump

May 19th, 2018 1:30 PM

Celebrities have spent the past 16 months tarring President Donald Trump with every imaginable crime.

Here’s an abbreviated list:

Obstruction of Justice
Tweeting with Intent to Harm

That won’t stop until the Democrats take back the White House. They may retroactively pin crimes and misdemeanors on Trump long after he leaves office, though.

New habits die hard.

Two female comics took their Trump hate to a new level this week. The historic opening of the first U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem, fulfilling a promise made by President Trump, caused celebrities to reflexively smite Trump’s foreign policy.

A crush of Palestinians, egged on by the terrorist group Hamas, rushed the Israel border along the Gaza Strip with assorted weapons to mark the occasion. At least 55 Palestinians died as Israeli soldiers fought back against the wave of hostile invaders.

On the day of the U.S. embassy opening in Jerusalem, violent demonstrators urged on by Hamas, the terrorist group in control of Gaza, sought to breach the fence to penetrate Israeli territory. The Israeli military, which seeks to limit civilian casualties, fired on some of the demonstrators.

Naturally, celebrities blamed the deaths on Trump. First up? Bette Midler. The hard-left entertainer, who doubles as an amateur meteorologist, blasted the Embassy’s opening with a pair of Tweets:



Not to be outdone, far-left comic Chelsea Handler chimed in with her own Embassy-themed tweet: 



Susan Sarandon added her two cents to the following tweet:



Will & Grace star Debra Messing shared this “huge” protest tied to the Palestinian-led violence.



The Federalist’s David Harsanyi added some much needed context to the growing death toll:

Despite what you’ve heard, the 35,000 Palestinian “demonstrators” massed along the security fence between Israel and Gaza — the ones throwing firebombs and other explosives, burning tires, chucking rocks (if you think these are aren’t deadly, you should see one landing; I have), and those attempting to light fires to burn crops and vegetation — are only ostensibly protesting the United States moving its embassy to Israel’s capital. I know this because Hamas doesn’t accept a U.S. embassy anywhere in Israel, as it doesn’t recognize Israel at all.    

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