ABC: Effusing 'Bordered on Endorsement,' CBS: No Endorsement

A minor item for a Friday night. File under: Which way is it?

ABC anchor Charles Gibson contended that French President Nicolas Sarkozy's “effusively kind words” about Barack Obama, who joined Sarkozy at a press conference in Paris, “bordered on an endorsement.” On CBS, however, anchor Katie Couric reported that Sarkozy said the French people have been following Obama “with passion” but, she noted, he “quickly pointed out that was not an endorsement.”

The very short items on the July 25 newscasts:

Gibson on ABC's World News:

Barack Obama, meanwhile, was meeting with French President Nicolas Sarkozy in Paris. Sarkozy said France could work with whomever is elected. But his effusively kind words about Obama bordered on an endorsement.

Couric on the CBS Evening News:

Barack Obama is in London tonight after getting a warm welcome in Paris. Here is tonight's CBS News Campaign '08 Notebook: President Sarkozy told Senator Obama the French have been following him, quote, 'with passion,' but quickly pointed out that was not an endorsement.
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