MSNBC's Katy Tur Frets Liberals Not Doing Enough to Dismantle Capitalism

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On Friday afternoon, MSNBC host Katy Tur was again putting on display her environmental liberalism and adherence to global warming alarmism as she spoke with liberal environmental activist Amy Westervelt, who hosts a podcast that rails against the fossil fuel industry.

A bit later, as she handed off hosting duties to her colleague, Ali Velshi, she went into a rant about the issue, confessing that she regularly listens to Westervelt's left-wing podcast, titled Drilled, and argued that it "will make your blood boil along with the boiling temperatures we're experiencing."

At 2:54 p.m. Eastern, Tur recalled that liberal actress Jane Fonda has been spending time away from her California home to participate in environmental protests in D.C., and then argued that California is suffering from climate changes caused by human activity:

KATY TUR: Now, California is itself in trouble. New data shows California is warming faster than anyone else in the continental United States. And because of that, they are feeling the dramatic effects of climate change right now. Droughts, fires, floods and mud slides that will force a fundamental social reckoning.

After introducing her guest, Tur praised her podcast and then complained that her fellow liberals in California are not doing enough to stop climate change:

TUR: I highly recommend your podcast. It is a really good explainer about how we got here and who is ultimately responsible for the climate change effects we are feeling right now. There was an article today in the Washington Post that talked about what's happening in Santa Barbara, California, … And it talks about how this is a place that's feeling right now the effects from the erosion of the hillside, mudslides, fires, floods. It is also an extraordinarily liberal, progressive, and it's a place that's not -- not doing enough or much about trying to address climate change. Explain.

Westervelt is well to the left, writing about "The Case for Climate Rage" and demanding an end to capitalism as a system of white patriarchy: 

The system explicitly rewards these men for visualizing the future as a parallel system that leaves the patriarchal, capitalist pyramid intact. ...No need to dismantle patriarchy and white supremacy, envision a different and better way of living, re-think economic and societal structures, or remove power over the fate of humanity from the hands of a self-interested few.

At about 3:00 p.m., the MSNBC host wrapped up the interview, and, as she welcomed Velshi, Tur went into a rant about the fossil fuel industry:

TUR: She's got a podcast, Ali, called Drilled, and I've been listening to it, and it'll make your blood boil along with the boiling temperatures we're experience. … it is a really good explainer for how we got here, and she goes back to the 70s and talks about how ExxonMobil was at the forefront or Exxon was at the forefront of climate science. … They were able to predict what releasing carbon in the atmosphere was going to do, and then when they realized that it was going to -- some people in the company realized that it was going to affect their bottom line, they hired different scientists to doubt the scientists that said that there was going to be global warming.

Velshi, who used to take oil money as a journalist for Qatar-funded al-Jazeera, added "There was the oil industry, and there was the tobacco industry, and they're both doing the same thing.They both had information about what was really the case. And they both spent a great deal of money convincing us otherwise."

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