White Male Privilege? CNN Panel Seems Unaware Media 'Berate' Trump Constantly

July 26th, 2019 2:26 PM

On Thursday's Cuomo Primetime, Chris Cuomo invited CNN contributor Jennifer Granholm and frequent guest Michael Eric Dyson to discuss the upcoming CNN Democrat debate. As they discussed forgiveness for Joe Biden's busing decisions in the 1970s, Dyson claimed a woman or a minority would be "berated" for behaving like President Trump.

As if Trump has not been berated?

MICHAEL ERIC DYSON: Donald Trump has an ability and a privilege to say nasty and do nasty things that an African-American, a woman won't. If Hillary Clinton had done -half the stuff that this man is doing, she would have been berated. If Barack Obama had taken a sip of a White Russian drink--

CHRIS CUOMO: Because the Left cares about this in a candidate.

DYSON: --in the White House, if he had taken a White Russian drink.

CUOMO: The Left, you guys care about this stuff.

DYSON: But - but I'm saying to you --

CUOMO: You guys will judge on this. His people will not.

DYSON: But I'm saying to you, sir, a black man can't be angry, a black woman can't be as angry as Donald Trump, can't be as vociferous, as vituperative, as nasty, and as inconsequent  -- as a -- disregarding the consequences of his own speech. And I'm telling you, that's a form of privilege that these candidates don't have.

Cuomo agreed: "Very true. You must understand the rules at play even if you want to change and reject those rules."

After praising Dyson for using the word "vituperative," joking "the biggest word I use is mayonnaise," Cuomo further concurred: "You've got the metaphor here. You've got a white, Anglo-Saxon man who is preaching to America that its prejudices are well-founded, and that the division is necessary. And you're going to have a monumental task in front of you. It'll go to the core of the soul of this country."

The CNN host also seemed to be forgetting that Trump received substantial criticism from within his own party before he won the nomination but not so much since, as one would expect to happen. Similarly, President Bill Clinton was defended persistently by his fellow Democrats while he was in office no matter what happened.