Fox News Highlights Plan to Legalize Abortion Until Birth in Virginia

January 30th, 2019 3:09 PM

On Wednesday morning, the Fox News Channel's Fox & Friends gave attention to another state where Democrats are pushing for an extreme plan to legalize abortion up until birth, this time in Virginia. Hours later, Democratic Governor Ralph Northam would go further on WTOP-FM by endorsing the killing of children outside the womb after having been “kept comfortable” and “a discussion” that “would ensue between the physicians and mother.”

Over the past week, FNC has also given attention to the recently passed legalization law in New York that has so far been ignored by CNN, MSNBC, and the broadcast networks.

Additionally, the Monday edition of Fox & Friends caught up with the weekend hosts by having OB/GYN Dr. Omar Hamada as a guest for his second visit to decry the New York law and argue that third-trimester abortions are never necessary or preferable to delivering the baby.



Wednesday's show gave the Virginia story enough priority to cover it near the beginning of each of its three hours for a total of about nine minutes of attention. At 6:08 a.m. Eastern, co-host Ainsley Earhardt set up the segment:

Let's talk about reproductive health and the rights of women. You heard Governor Cuomo and what happened here in New York saying women can carry a child all the way until the day of birth and then decide not to have that baby. Down in Virginia, they're talking about something similar.

Viewers could then see clips of Virginia Democratic Sate Delegate Kathy Tran answering questions about her proposed law that would remove current restrictions on late-term abortions. She also appeared uncomfortable when asked if it would be legal for a pregnant woman to have an abortion even if she were literally on the verge of giving birth, and had to admit that her bill would allow such an egregious situation.

As the three hosts reacted to the extremism of the plan, Earhardt became emotional as she recalled the birth of her own child.

A bit later, co-host Brian Kilmeade informed viewers that the increased use of sonograms -- which some states require by law -- has helped make younger Americans more opposed to abortion, but that this new law would threaten the pro-life trend.

And catching up on earlier this week, after the weekend editions gave substantial attention to the New York law, on Monday's show, Earhardt spoke with Dr. Hamada, who commented that it is "sick" that supporters were seen cheering when the New York law passed.



Further, Wednesday's America's Newsroom discussed Tran's bill. Co-host Bill Hemmer wondered if this was the sign of a “real moment for the Democratic left” on abortion. Former Bush administration official Brad Blakeman sadly agreed and deemed this step “very troubling and it has a cascading effect.” Liberal Fox News contributor Richard Fowler stood up for this murdering of children, insisting that “it should be between a woman, her doctor, and nobody else period” for whether an innocnent child could be killed.

“I heard her silence, awkward response when the man questioning her said you mean right up to the point where the pregnant woman is dilating. She did not have a good answer. Finally, she admitted the truth, which is that her bill would allow for abortion in that case. That is an extremist position and the Democrats have to be worried they come across as extremists on the abortion issue or these issues involving religion and state more broadly,” argued Washington Free Beacon editor Matthew Continetti.