NBC's Bardella 'Triggered' by GOP Guest, Rants About White Crime

January 6th, 2019 11:03 AM

On Saturday's Weekends with Alex Witt on MSNBC, NBC contributor Kurt Bardella flipped out when he was faced with something rarely seen on MSNBC -- a right-leaning guest who actually made a conservative argument counter to the network's left-leaning guests, as opposed to the typical MSNBC Republicans who often agree with liberals.

Frequent MSNBC guest Bardella began ranting about crimes committed by whites after RNC spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany brought up the illegal immigrant who recently murdered California police officer Ronil Singh.

At 1:44 p.m. Eastern, as the group discussed the government shutdown and President Donald Trump's push to build a border wall, host Witt asked about whether President Donald Trump was "more concerned" about the 800,000 government workers not beng paid, or whether caving would hurt him politically. McEnany brought up the issue of crime committed by illegal immigrants as she responded:

It's being concerned about the citizens of our country -- all of them, federal employees included -- but when you have Officer Ronil Singh who lost his life in California the day after Christmas to an individual with known gang ties who shouldn't have been in this country if not for sanctuary laws, we have a problem. We have to care about those Americans,too, that have been victims whose names are rarely mentioned on the airwaves.

Bardella then jumped in:

What about all the people who have been shot and murdered by white Americans in this country? Where is the concerned for homeland security and for law enforcement? When people are being killed in this country by guns every day, and there's mass gun violence in this country, I don't see Republicans doing anything about that.

As McEnany injected, "You're completely deflecting the conversation -- you're completely deflecting," Bardella continued: "I don't see Trump talking about a national emergency when so many people are being murdered by American citizens with guns."

As McEnany jumped back in to comment, "You're deflecting the conversation. You're proving my point -- you don't want to talk about the Americans who have lost their lives," Bardella continued his rant: "That is a huge problem. It is a bigger problem than what's going on at the border."

As McEnany answered, "False," Bardella added:

Every time that a crime is committed by an illegal immigrant or somebody that's not white, Republicans cannot wait to talk about it. But when a crime is committed by somebody with a gun -- a white guy with a gun, it's crickets from Republicans. It's shameful -- it is disgusting.

McEnany then called out Bardella as having been "triggered" by her discussing the death of Officer Singh as the RNC spokesperson responded: "It's incredible  -- I mention the name of an officer who lost his life -- it triggers you. You clearly did not want to address the situation that happened in California."

Bardella then jumped back in and the two talked over one another. Bardella exclaimed: "How about all of the people who got killed in Vegas? How about the people at Parkland? How about the students in the schools who are being shot up every day? I don't see you talking about those people."

As Bardella tried to talk over her, McEnany continued: "What about Dominic Durden? What about Kate Steinle? Do you know their names? Do you know their stories?"

After Bardella brought up school shootings, McEnany responded: "Yeah, and we addressed that. We addressed that. Governor Scott changed the law."

Bardella interrupted again: "Oh, you addressed that? What did you do?"

As fellow liberal guest and former Obama administration official Peter Emerson could be heard injecting, "Trump didn't do anything," McEnany repeated: "Governor Scott changed the laws in Florida."