MSNBC Gushes Over Liberal 'Mama Bears' in Georgia, Omits Liberal Label

November 15th, 2018 7:37 AM

On Wednesday's MSNBC Live, host Stephanie Ruhle and correspondent Chris Jansing gushed over a group of liberal women "mama bears" who became political activists in Georgia as the two MSNBC journalists did not bother to label them as liberals or Democrats.

At 9:23 a.m. Eastern, host Ruhle set up the report: "You met a group of suburban women known as 'super volunteers.' They have mobilized because they want every vote to count. Walk us through this because they've already been very successful at flipping one seat."



The MSNBC host was presumably referring to Democratic candidate Lucy McBath defeating Republican Congressman Karen Handel in the 6th District of Georgia.

Jansing vaguely referred to the discredited Democratic smear of "voter suppression" by Georgia Republicans as she began: "Yeah, look, they were leaving me to go to a protest. They are fed up with voter suppression. They've learned who are the individuals on their local election boards. They want something done about this."

Ruhle injected: "Don't mess with the mamas."

A pre-recorded portion was seen in which Jansing spoke with four women, of whom three were named on screen. While one complained about "sexism" and "racism," and another griped about the "patriarchy," there were those hints of their ideological lean, although one had to Google their names to discover that at least two are clearly liberal activists.

After the report ended, Ruhle exclaimed: "Damn, girls, these mama bears are not going to be hybernating this winter."

The MSNBC host soon concluded the discussion by gloating that the "boys" are "screwed" by these liberal women, and then pivoted to taking a crack at Florida Republican Senate candidate Rick Scott for attending congressional orientation on Capitol Hill while his race is still to be decided by recount.

Ruhle: "One could say he's assuming the position. Not so fast -- you don't have the job yet."

Not mentioned is that it is not unprecedented for potential freshman members of Congress going through recounts to attend orientation after the elections even though they are not sure whether they will be victorious.