MSNBC's Alter: 'You Can Kiss Democracy Goodbye' If GOP Keeps Congress

October 22nd, 2018 3:58 PM

On Sunday's MSNBC Live, longtime journalist and liberal MSNBC contributor Jonathan Alter proclaimed that "you can kiss democracy goodbye" if Republicans retain control of the House of Representatives as he also complained that the press are not being tough enough on President Donald Trump as he has given the media more access before the midterm elections.



As he criticized reporters for not asking good enough questions, Alter complained:

They've run out of questions to ask. They just ask him the questions of the day instead of asking him questions more like Lesley Stahl asked on 60 Minutes, like: "Do you believe global warming is a hoax?" Or, "Why did you lie about saying you would protect people with preexisting conditions when your government is in court arguing to allow insurers to discriminate aganst sick people? Why are you not telling the truth about the position of your government?"

Addressing Democrats, the liberal contributor recommended:

Democrats have to be very, very clear about this that the country has a lot more to fear with an unchained Donald Trump, a validated Donald Trump if the Republicans hold the House of Representatives. You can kind of kiss democracy goodbye on a number of different levels if Republicans hold the House.

After host Alex Witt answered, "That's a very bold statement," she went to contributor Sophia Nelson.

The frequent MSNBC Republican guest tied in race and charged "voter suppression" by her own party in Georgia. Nelson: "Look at Kemp -- look at the voter suppression. This is a race about demographics. Georgia is going to turn on what happens with white voters and independent voters. African-American votes will be high, but if they can suppress them and this gets to be a base election -- that's why the President's ramped this up."