FNC Highlights Killing of Anti-MS13 Activist at Site of Daughter's Murder

September 17th, 2018 1:20 PM

Over the weekend, several Fox News Channel shows have repeatedly given attention to the awful tragedy that anti-MS-13 activist Evelyn Rodriguez was struck and killed by an SUV at the site of her daughter's murder two years to the day after the death of her daughter. Rodriguez had been one of President Donald Trump's guests at this year's State of the Union speech, and the President tweeted out condolences on Friday night.

So far, ABC, NBC, and MSNBC have completely ignored the event while CBS This Morning Saturday gave it a brief of just over half a minute, and CNN weekend anchor Ana Cabrera devoted more than two minutes to the story on Saturday night. FNC has so far given the heartbreaking story about 24 minutes of coverage across 11 separate segments between Friday night and Monday morning.



Rodriguez reportedly was preparing a public commemoration for her daughter's death that was to be held on Friday, but got into an argument with a neighbor who blamed the roadside memorial to her daughter, Kayla Cuevas, for hurting property values, and the neighbor's vehicle at one point reportedly struck Rodriguez while driving away.

In spite of the coincidental double tragedy which was apparently even caught on tape as there was a media presence for the planned event, there has been very little attention outside of Fox News.

By contrast, over the weekend in spite of all the hurricane coverage, most networks did make time for stories about the police officer in Dallas who entered the wrong apartment thinking it was her own and then killed the man who lived there, as well as the story of a Border Patrol agent who was arrested after a string of serial killings.