CNN Highlights Cop Killing Suspect, Ignores Attacks on Cops

Between Thursday and Friday, CNN's New Day has twice covered the story of a white police officer in Nashville who shot and killed a black suspect who, although armed, appears to have been running from him in surveillance video.

But the same show lately has paid little attention to recent cases in which police officers have been attacked or killed, appearing to be more interested in stories that make the police look bad, especially those that involve racial issues.

On Thursday, after the release of surveillance video showing the shooting of 25-year-old Daniel Hambrick, New Day devoted a full report of more than two minutes to the story. On Friday, the show followed up with a seven-minute segment in which Hambrick's mother and the family's attorney appeared as guests. At no point in either story was it even mentioned that Hambrick had an extensive criminal record, including robbery, drugs, and illegal possession of a gun.

By contrast, over the last couple of weeks, while FNC's Fox and Friends was informing viewers of recent attacks on police officers, New Day and other CNN shows were mostly ignoring them. In recent weeks, attacks on police officers in Colorado and Florida by illegal immigrants were completely ignored by CNN and the other liberal networks as well, while FNC covered them.

In fact, the last time New Day informed viewers of a police officer being killed was on July 26 when the three-hour show devoted a mere 11 seconds to the case of a cop who was murdered in Arizona.

CNN also ironically did not show any interest last week when the three broadcast networks highlighted the case of a white man in Aurora, Colorado, who used a gun to defend his home from an violent intruder, but was then tragically killed when police arrived and mistook him for the home invader.


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