Nets Highlight Video of White Racist, Ignore White Teen Being Assaulted

Over the past couple of weeks, the broadcast networks and CNN have shown a blatant double standard in their interest in whites being caught on video victimizing minorities in contrast with whites being the victims, or minorities being the attackers.

In the past week, ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN all ran full reports on the case of a drunken white man at a Chicago park who verbally berated a Hispanic woman for wearing a shirt with a Puerto Rican flag on it. The man has since deservedly been arrested and charged with committing hate crimes.

But, the previous week, after a Hispanic waiter in San Antonio was caught on video throwing a drink in the face of a white teenager and stealing his pro-Trump MAGA hat, a Nexis search shows CBS, NBC, and CNN completely ignored the story while ABC only gave it 25 seconds.



Additionally, far less attention was given to the case of a black woman in Los Angeles who used a brick to severely beat an elderly man from Mexico, and CNN even hinted that President Donald Trump might be partially to blame because the woman yelled anti-Mexican taunts as she and several men perpetrated the attack.

Between Tuesday and Thursday, each of the three broadcast evening newscasts had given the Chicago story at least one full report with at least one followup.

Over on CNN, Erin Burnett Tonight, CNN Tonight, and CNN Newsroom with Poppy Harlow all covered the story, giving it a total of more than 18 minutes on its own, plus, on Wednesday, Cuomo Prime Time held a discussion that combined the Chicago harassment story and the Los Angeles attack, in which host Chris Cuomo held a debate on the issue of whether Trump was contributing to the incidence of such behavior.



On CNN Tonight, liberal CNN commentator Keith Boykin suggested that Trump is "feeding" attacks like the one on the Mexican man.

Erin Burnett even had the governor of Puerto Rico on as a guest on Tuesday to react to the harassment of the woman who was wearing the Puerto Rico-themed t-shirt.

But, with the exception of World News Tonight giving it a 25-second brief, all these shows were uninterested in the waiter being caught on video red-handed throwing a drink on a Trump supporter, which was otherwise covered on several Fox News shows.



The dominant media's behavior suggests that journalists view hate crimes or racially motivated crimes as being those committed primarily by whites against minorities even though data from recent years suggests whites tend to commit such crimes at a lower rate than their percentage of the population as compared to other groups.

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