Johnson: Trump Admin Are 'Terrorists,' Comey 'Pissed' at 'Black Woman Boss'

June 17th, 2018 5:51 PM

Appearing as a guest on Sunday's AM Joy, race-obsessed MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson accused former FBI director James Comey of resenting Attorney General Loretta Lynch for being a "black woman boss," and then went on to accuse Trump administration members of being "terrorists" who "terrorize people into leaving the country" to promote "white nationalism."

At 11:22 a.m. Eastern, during a discussion of Comey's decisions to hold the July 2016 news conference on the Hillary Clinton email investigation, and to release a letter in October 2016 updating Congress on the investigation, Johnson was true to form in working a fantasy of racism into the discussion:

James Comey didn't want to listen to Loretta Lynch. He didn't want to listen to a black woman who was his boss. Let's just be honest about it. He came and spoke at Howard (University) about this: 'Oh, it wasn't political.' No, you were pissed that your black woman boss told you to be quiet -- he didn't want to do it -- and he went out and he swung an election.

In a later segment, during a discussion of the issue of children being separated from their parents who have entered the U.S. illegally, host Joy Reid lamented that "these children will remain hostages" until funding for a border wall is provided, leading Johnson to make hyperbolic charges of President Donald Trump making the government into a "terrorist organization." Johnson:

You cannot accomplish white nationalism without basically turning the government into a terrorist organization -- without terrorizing people and forcing them to leave -- without encouraging violence either from state-sponsored actors or not investigating white nationalists. You have to literally terrorize people into leaving this country.

He soon alluded to the film, Taken, with Liam Nissan, as he called Trump administration members "terrorists." Johnson:

This whole administration -- it's like a Liam Nissan Taken movie. These guys are terrorists, right? They are constantly taking hostages -- whether it's CHIP, whether it's DACA, whether it's the asylum -- they have no problem taking kids and putting guns to their heads and demanding that the rest of the country do what they want them to do.

Until we recognize that we are operating with a white nationalist government that will take children hostage to get what they want, even if ti's just a tax cut, the Democrats and anyone else resisting doesn't really know what they're fighting.