Samantha Bee Likens ICE to Nazis in 'Schindler's List,' Calls for Abolition

May 24th, 2018 1:36 PM

On Wednesday's Full Frontal show on TBS, liberal comedian Samantha Bee lashed out against Immigration and Customs Enforcement by likening its agents to those who cheered when Jews were taken away to be killed by German Nazis as she pushed for abolishing the agency.

She also took a shot at "wall humpers" in the Republican party as she cracked that they could rejoice that other police officers would still be around to "treat nonwhite people like subhuman garbage." Honk if any of this sounds like comedy.

After beginning the segment by recalling that President Donald Trump held a meeting to discuss the issue of enforcing immigration laws, Bee maligned ICE as "the agency whose job application is just a single question asking if 'the real hero of Schindler's List was the girl shouting, "Goodbye, Jews!"'"

She soon added: "Here's a proposal: Let's shut it the f*** down. I'm serious -- it's awful, and we don't actually need it."

Then came a few clips of news reports about problems with immigration enforcement, including the case of a man who was detained by ICE for three years for deportation but then had to be released when it turned out he had become a citizen a few years earlier after moving to the U.S. with his father, and so technically was supposed to be free from the threat of deportation.

The news clip recalled that "For three and a half years, Davino Watson was held in an immigration detention center. He lived with the constant fear of being deported, even though Davino is a U.S. citizen."

Not mentioned was that he was detained by ICE during the Obama administration, or that the reason he was detained was because he was convicted of selling cocaine, so his is hardly a sympathetic case.

Bee soon derided Trump supporters as "wall humpers" as she set up a clip of former President Ronald Reagan speaking in favor of giving amnesty to illegal immigrants: "Until the current wave of wall humpers came to power, a lot of conservatives were totally cool with that."

As she started wrapping up the segment, the liberal comedian painted police officers in general as racist, and suggested that Republicans approve of that alleged racism: "So don't worry, Republicans. Even if we score a win for human decency by getting rid of ICE, you can still count on the police and the prison system to treat nonwhite people like subhuman garbage, so everybody wins.