CNN's Setmayer Slams Diamond and Silk As 'Minstrels' and 'Shuck and Jive Show'

April 27th, 2018 12:05 PM

On Thursday's CNN Tonight, during a discussion of rapper Kanye West being criticized for praising President Donald Trump, right-leaning CNN political commentator and anti-Trump Republican Tara Setymayer again took shots at black Trump supporters as she brought up the Diamond and Silk conservative duo and derided them as "political minstrels" and a "shuck and jive show."

After suggesting that Trump only likes blacks who support him, Setmayer continued: "He also brought up Diamond and Silk and praised them as conservative warriors. I mean, we're talking about political minstrels here that go out there and support him and put on a shuck and jive show, and he thinks these are wonderful people and conservative warriors?"

She then added: "It boggles the mind, but it's just consistent with how Trump feels: These are the good ones in his mind."

A few of weeks ago, Setmayer suggested that it was acceptable for some black Republicans to be derided as "Uncle Tom" blacks "if you act like it."

Otherwise, the panel on Thursday was true to form in having only one pro-Trump conservative -- this time Stacy Washington of Project 21 -- outnumbered 4-1 with three anti-Trump Republicans combined with liberal host Don Lemon, although Ana Navarro did defend West's right to speak his mind even as she beat up on Trump.