On MSNBC, Schaeffer Slams Laura Ingraham's 'Betrayal of Teaching of Jesus'

April 1st, 2018 4:19 PM

On Easter Sunday's AM Joy on MSNBC, during a discussion of white evangelical Christian support for President Donald Trump, liberal Christian activist Frank Schaeffer -- a critic of conservative Christians -- suggested that FNC host Laura Ingraham and other Trump supporters are bad Christians who are engaging in a "betrayal of the teaching of Jesus."



At 10:51 a.m. Eastern, after host Joy Reid asked why it is that white evangelicals are so much more supportive of Trump than other Christians "despite all of his flaws," Schaeffer brought up Ingraham's Catholic beliefs: "It's not just the white evangelicals -- the conservative Roman Catholics like Laura Ingraham, for instance."

He alluded to Ingraham's recent mocking of liberal activist David Hogg as he continued: "She's a convert to Catholicism, and here we are in Holy Week culminating in Easter, and she chooses this time to mock a teenager who stood up against gun violence."

He soon complained that Ingraham is acting as a "poster child for imitating Donald Trump's ugly intolerance" as he added:

Here's someone who had breast cancer, who survived it. Laura Ingraham did, saying after she had breast cancer, that she was going to reexamine her life and dedicate herself to higher things. Look at the fall she has taken, now a poster child for imitating Donald Trump's ugly intolerance.

Imagine that in Holy Week. At the time when Christians around the world are saying He is risen. 'Truly He is risen,' answers the other Christian. And, 'Who do we hate next?" is the evangelical or conservative Roman Catholic view to the point of mocking kids who stand against violence.

The liberal activist then described Trump supporters as betraying the 'teaching of Jesus." Here's more commentary from the shameless Schaeffer:

The mentality today is we follow Trump not just into the gutter with his porn star presidency and the filth of his own past life and his mob connections and the rest of it, We even now find these leaders following him into the intolerance where it is okay, in their view, to mock a teen who stands on violence. That's where we are this Easter morning. So when saying 'Happy Easter,' it's not a Happy Easter. We are in a moment of betrayal of the teaching of Jesus that was the watershed.

Schaeffer ended up lamenting: "We have an arrogant President who disrespects people, and those who follow him are now imitating this vile behavior in Holy Week and at Easter, no less. That's where America is this Easter morning."