Blitzer Gives Liberal Activist a Forum to Claim NRA 'Terrorizes Our Children'

On Sunday evening, as CNN's Wolf Blitzer hosted special coverage of President Donald Trump's speech in Pennsylvania, and the release of his proposals for school safety, the CNN anchor not only seemed disappointed that there would not be more gun control in the proposal, he also became the latest cable news anchor to just give liberal student activists an unchallenged forum to demonize opponents of gun control.



After news of the White House plan broke shortly before 8:00 p.m. ET, Blitzer lamented that "these proposals, though, the President apparently falls short of formally recommending the age to buy certain firearms be raised." After CNN correspondent Boris Sanchez came aboard to give more details, the CNN host added: "Well, he's going to be criticized by those who thought he was at least willing for some weapons to have a minimum 21-year-old age limit -- now he's backing away from that."

After Sanchez's report, Blitzer recalled the White House plan to form a commission to study the issue of age limits for gun purchases, and further complained: "There's going to be a lot of disappointment, at least among some, that the White House is punting, in effect."

The CNN host then brought aboard as guests two of the liberal student activists from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School to see if the Trump plan gets their seal of approval. Blitzer gave the students "credit" for pushing for more gun control as he introduced the segment: "Let's go now to some of the voices many credit for reviving the entire debate over gun reform in this country."

David Hogg -- known for making incendiary attacks on the National Rifle Association and Republicans in his appearances -- attacked Education Secretary Betsy DeVos for being made head of the commission, and then made another of his signature smears of the NRA which journalists typically make no attempt to challenge as he complained about the group's influence on President Trump and then added: "It just shows the inaction because of this lobbyist organization that's continued to terrorize our children and hurt our future."

Blitzer gave no sign of having any problem with the provocative language as he merely moved on to pose a question to his other guest.

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