CNN's Rye Rants: 'Terrible' NRA 'Are In God's Way'; Lemon: 'Holding Us Hostage'

March 6th, 2018 1:17 PM

On Monday's CNN Tonight, liberal CNN political commentator Angela Rye had a meltdown and began ranting after conservative CNN contributor Alice Stewart defended the NRA against attacks at the Oscars. After Stewart persisted in defending the pro-gun group, Rye shouted: "Like, stop! Just stop! Like, Alice, I like you as a person, but this is crazy! Stop!"

When host Don Lemon jumped in to respond, he claimed that the NRA only represents a small portion of the population and asserted that "they're holding the rest of us hostage."



When Stewart first got her turn to speak during the discussion shortly before midnight, she complained about the "hypocrisy" of participants in the Oscars calling for more gun control that would affect average people when they utilize guns in their own defense as she defended the NRA. Rye looked visibly angry, and, when she had her turn, complained that Stewart was doing a "public service announcement" for the NRA.

Rye declared that "these folks are wrong as two left shoes," and added: "Kids have died. The NRA is out of touch -- they are in God's way. Common had it right."

After her conservative colleague renewed her defense of gun rights, Rye went further out of control: "We didn't need anybody to tell us that -- we don't need you on here telling us how amazing the NRA is. They're not -- they are terrible. They are terrible. ... Like, stop! Just stop! Like, Alice, I like you as a person, but this is crazy! Stop!"

Lemon then jumped in to add to add his own liberal views in favor of more gun control and against the NRA: "Most Americans want, you know, very stringent background checks -- they want some sort of gun control. They NRA members are a very small minority of what American actually wants. They're holding the rest of us hostage."