New MSNBC Ad Touts Liberal Student Activists, 'Common Sense Gun Reforms'

February 24th, 2018 10:19 PM

Since yesterday, MSNBC has put on display the latest example of how national news outlets are blatantly promoting the liberal agenda on gun control, as an ad has been running featuring MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace and contributor Steve Schmidt talking up the liberal student activists who have been calling for "common sense gun reforms" since the Parkland school shootings.

The ad begins with Wallace from her Deadline: White House show that aired last Wednesday in which she suggested that the student activists who have been pushing for more gun control may triumph over President Donald Trump and the NRA. Wallace:

These are television and Twitter savvy warriors, these student activists fighting for common sense gun reforms. I think Donald Trump and the NRA have met their match. Am I watching too much TV?

The ad then jumps to a couple of clips from Schmidt's response. In the first clip, he seemed to forget that a number of Republican members of Congress were attacked by a gunman with a semi-automatic rifle just last year, but they did not change their minds about supporting gun rights. Schmidt:

A lot of these members of Congress have fired an AR-15, and they've heard the loud sound of that weapon. But most of them haven't been on the receiving end of that sound like these kids have.

A second clip of Schmidt is then played as some of the gun control activists are shown protesting in front of the White House:

I think it's a much larger question that's been put to the country through the voices of these kids. What type of country do we want to live in?

MSNBC has had quite a history of running questionable ads promoting itself. In one ad that was running a few months ago, Wallace and Schmidt were included among several other MSNBC analysts who come from a Republican background as the ad tried to claim that the liberal network is not an "echo chamber."

Not surprisingly, the ad did not acknowledge that, when Republicans appear as analysts on MSNBC, it is usually to either take outright liberal positions that most typical Republicans would not take, or to refrain from voicing disagreement too forcefully, if at all, with the network's more consistently liberal analysts and hosts.

Also of note, in the Wednesday segment where the clips for the new ad came from, Schmidt repeated the discredited claim that there have been "18 school shootings" so far in 2018.