CNN Tries to Blame Trump for Not Deporting Illegal Who Killed NFL Player

February 7th, 2018 9:05 AM

It's no secret that over the last several weeks liberal outlets like CNN have been aggressively trying to undermine President Donald Trump's push for more border security and aggressive deportation of illegal immigrants  -- even wrongly claiming that the illegal immigrant crime rate is lower than that of the general population when research has found that the crime rate is actually much higher.

But on Tuesday morning, after news broke that NFL player Edwin Jackson was killed by an illegal immigrant drunk driver who had a previous DUI conviction and had already been twice deported, CNN host Alisyn Camerota flipped to complaining that Trump is not doing enough to protect Americans as she alleged that he is spending too much time targeting the wrong kinds of illegal immigrants.



The CNN host even contradicted herself in mid-rant by complaining about ICE targeting a Polish-born doctor, Lakiesz Niec, for deportation even though her own New Day show has acknowledged that Dr. Niec has a DUI on his record, which would make him the kind of immigrant that it would make sense for the U.S. to deport if there is a goal of preventing drunk driving deaths.

While discussing a tweet President Trump had just sent out about the Edwin Jackson case, CNN's David Chalian predicted that Trump will be "painting a picture of only one kind of illegal immigration -- when bad actors are illegal immigrants," adding, "That's the kind of image of illegal immigrants he likes to leave in people's minds."

Camerota then began her rant by acknowledging that Trump had a point that some illegal immigrants should be deported, but she then pivoted to accusing Trump of spending too much effort deporting the wrong kinds of immigrants at the expense of deporting the right kind:

The problem with him talking about it now, I think, is that he has been President for a year, and we've seen him deport people who, you know, are doctors. I mean, you know, these cases -- we've interviewed some of them here -- so he said he was going to go after these exact guys, the hardened criminals, first, but that's not what's happening with deportations. And that's why it's sort of, you know, cognitive dissonance on some of this.

Camerota oddly spoke as if the handful of specially selected relatively sympathetic deportation cases the dominant media have been highlighting over the past few months were the only people ICE has been deporting in spite of the thousands of cases that go through the system each year.

Chalian agreed with her and suggested that Trump has mishandled the deportation of illegal immigrants by not deporting the right ones. After beginning by declaring "Yeah, and you're absolutely right," he soon added:

As the President constantly says -- any President says -- there is nothing more important to a President than keeping Americans safe. That did not happen here potentially because of this repeat offender of an illegal immigrant. You're absolutely right to note that it is a textbook case for that, but you note, Alisyn, just how complicated this is. It makes me think of the President's comment on health care, right? "Who knew it could be so complicated to figure out the right solutions to solve these kinds of problems?"

Camerota then repeated her claim that Trump is not deporting the right kinds of illegal immigrants: "Right, I mean, this is exactly the type of guy that he featured that should be deported -- get out and stay out before something like this happens, but instead that's not who's being deported right now."