MSNBC's Eichenwald Slams FNC as 'Speaker Phone for White Nationalist Movement'

January 15th, 2018 9:31 PM

On Sunday's AM Joy, MSNBC contributor and Vanity Fair contributing editor Kurt Eichenwald smeared Fox News as being a "speaker phone for the white nationalist movement" and claimed that the news network "has a lot of anti-Semitic viewers." He went on to push a conspiracy theory that FNC has a history of deliberately messing with the earpieces of himself and other guests to make them look bad.



On Sunday's show, during a discussion of FNC hosts Tucker Carlson and Jesse Watters defending President Donald Trump over his alleged "s***hole countries" remark, panel member and MSNBC contributor Gabriel Sherman declared that "we should stop thinking of Fox News as a news network."

Eichenwald picked up on his fellow panel member's comments to make his own slam at FNC:

We got to stop pretending that Fox is a news channel -- it is a broadcast network that is an offshoot of the Trump White House, but, more important, it is a speaker phone for the white nationalist movement. I have been personally attacked physically by, you know --

He then went on to recall an appearance he once made on Tucker Carlson Tonight in December 2016 to discuss a claim he had made that he believed Donald Trump had spent time in a mental hospital in the 1990s. The conversation between Carlson and his guest went around in circles as Eichenwald bizarrely repeatedly refused to state whether he had evidence Trump ever did, in fact, spend time in such a facility.

Eichenwald blamed his poor performance on FNC deliberately sabotaging his appearance on the show:

I appeared on a Tucker Carlson show. As soon as Tucker asked his first question, the volume in my earpiece went down. Tucker then began asking questions when I was speaking, You know very well that if you ask me a question right now, I couldn't understand it. And he did the same thing to Max Boot, a prominent conservative, because Max Boot is a never Trump.

Ironically, on same day's Fox and Friends Sunday, a guest whom the hosts were clearly sympathetic toward had technical problems with her earpiece as her interview began, demonstrating that technical problems can hit any guest.



Returning to AM Joy, Eichenwald further excoriated Carlson and blamed FNC as he charged that he has a history of receiving hate messages hitting him with anti-Semitic slurs:

Tucker is a fraud, and Tucker has a lot of anti-Semitic viewers -- Alt-Right viewers -- and one of them intentionally acted to -- knew I have epilepsy -- intentionally acted to cause a seizure, caused long-term language, and I have been getting -- I'm not even Jewish -- I've been getting -- every time Fox does something about me, I get, you know, "Keichenwald" and all these attacks like that.

Last year, Eichenwald infamously attacked congressional Republicans over efforts to repeal ObamaCare by tweeting that he hoped they would have family members who would become ill, lose their health insurance, and die.