FNC Calls Out Democratic Hypocrisy Over Fundraising Off Benghazi

May 12th, 2014 9:56 AM

On Monday, May 12, FNC's Fox and Friends exposed Democratic hypocrisy in accusing Republicans of trying to raise money off the deaths of Americans from the Benghazi attack, when Democrats themselves have a history of linking fundraising to deadly events.

Referring to Republican Rep. Trey Gowdy explaining this hypocrisy on the previous day's Fox News Sunday, FNC co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck began listing the history of Democrats:

Look at this: July 2006, Democrats posted a video to their Web site featuring the coffins of American soldiers coming home from the Iraq War, then asking for a button to be pressed. 

She then added:

And then in 2012, Steve, you remember this, and Brian, too, right after the Sandy Hook shooting, devastating, David Axelrod urging supporters to click on a link. You saw then President Obama's address. And then that player linked again with donate buttons above the video asking for $15 to $1,000 for a campaign.  

Co-host Steve Doocy chimed in with another example:

And about a year ago, in April of 2013, after the Boston Marathon bombings, the DNC put the image of the "B strong," the B from the Boston Red Sox, on its Web site, asked for [personal] information that they could use politically as well.  

He added:

And what's interesting is, just this past Thursday, the Democrats actually posted a statement blasting the Republicans' fundraising off of Benghazi, but on the Democrats' Web site, it had a place where you could contribute.

So, while they say, "We can't believe that the Republicans are doing that," the Democrats have done it many, many times in the past. And Trey Gowdy has made it very clear he will not do it.