Chelsea Handler Lauds Meghan McCain's Pot Smoking, Defends Obama

July 14th, 2012 12:50 PM

As Meghan McCain appeared as a guest on Tuesday's Chelsea Lately show on E!, host Chelsea Handler defended President Obama's economic record and ended up praising McCain for admitting that she sometimes smokes marijuana.

Early on in the interview, Handler declared, "I like you, too. I mean, I like, I don't hate all Republicans, I just, most of them. But I like you because you're, like, you're pro-marijuana legalization, you're pro-gay, kind of?"

(Video can be found here.)

After McCain related that she is a "big gay marriage supporter," the two brought up "crap" that the liberal Republican gets from "right-wingers," and, after imagining that Ann Coulter might be so obsessed with her as to have a "little voodoo doll" of her that she "sticks needles in every day," McCain divulged her negative feelings toward the conservative commentator:

CHELSEA HANDLER: Ann Coulter must hate you. Does she?

MEGHAN MCCAIN: I think she has a little voodoo doll she sticks needles in every day.

HANDLER: She probably sees you as coming in and stealing her thunder.

MCCAIN: If anybody compares me to Ann Coulter, I got to go away for awhile because I don't want to be anything like that woman.

A bit later, Handler defended President Obama's job performance and declared that "I really do hope" he gets reelected:

HANDLER: Honestly, there's been like three million jobs created since Obama was elected. I mean, there has been.

MCCAIN: Do you think Obama's going to get reelected?

HANDLER: I don't know. I hope that he does. I really do hope that he does. I don't know. I'm not good a predicting stuff like that. I think that four years is not enough time for anybody to make a huge impact on any country. I think you need a long period of time. But I understand that, I also understand, and I'm no politico, but I understand that people are very upset with Obama. I'm not one of those people, though. I just love black guys too much.

The liberal comedienne then went on to praise McCain's willingness to admit she uses marijuana:

HANDLER: Now, do you smoke pot ever, on occasion?


HANDLER: Good for you, good.

MCCAIN: I'm so high strung. I'm just alpha, type A, as I'm sure you are as well. It mellows me out, so I do on occasion.

HANDLER: It's good for people to admit that they do stuff like that. That's what I'm asking you for because I hate when people lie about stuff and like, "No, I never do that." Well, who cares? Just say what you do and stand behind what you do unless what you're doing is really bad.