Margaret Cho Complains GOP is 'Against Our Rights,' Palin Tries to 'Beat Feminism Down'

Appearing as a panel member on Sunday's Melissa Harris-Perry show, comedienne Margaret Cho wondered why some women are Republicans as she asserted that the GOP is "a party that's so against our rights, our reproductive rights, so many rights in so many ways."

Cho also complained that Sarah Palin tries to "beat feminism down," claiming that "Sarah Palin wouldn't exist without feminism."

After host Melissa Harris-Perry recounted a GOP drive to appeal to women, Cho wondered:

What are women getting out of the GOP? That's, I always question that. I always wonder. This is a party that's so against our rights, our reproductive rights, so many rights in so many ways. What do we get from them? What do women get from them?

A bit later, after Harris-Perry brought up moderate Republican women like Olympia Snowe who are getting out of politics, Cho brought up Sarah Palin as she responded:

I think they've disappeared just because of social issues and women are such a huge thing. I mean, women, I think, in the GOP are looking for an identity, and I think that's why Sarah Palin's, you know, her appearance was so exciting for them because here is somebody who is really kind of like a showpiece for all of our conservative views and somebody who legitimizes what I think is backward really about, you know, women's rights because, you know, these women wouldn't exist, Sarah Palin wouldn't exist without feminism. Yet, she tries to beat feminism down every chance she gets.

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