ABC Ignores Assassination Attempts on Israeli Diplomats

On Monday, uniquely among the broadcast network evening newscasts, ABC's World News skipped the news that Israeli diplomats were the targets of simultaneous assassination attempts in two different countries, most likely from  Iranian sources.

On the CBS Evening News and on the NBC Nightly News, anchors Scott Pelley and Brian Williams read items recounting the day's attacks that occurred in India and in the former Soviet republic of Georgia. NBC's Natalie Morales also read brief item on the same day's Today show.

On the CBS Evening News, anchor Pelley reported:

It looked like a low-level war between Iran and Israel was escalating today. Israeli diplomats were targeted in nearly simultaneous attacks in two world capitals. In Delhi, someone on a motorcycle attached a bomb to an Israeli embassy car. Four people were hurt. And a bomb on an Israeli vehicle in the Republic of Georgia was defused.

The bombings looked exactly like recent assassinations of Iranian nuclear scientists. Iran blames Israel for those attacks. Israel claims Iran is behind the bombings today. All of this increasing tensions over Iran's nuclear program.

And on the NBC Nightly News, anchor Williams reported:

There were attacks today on Israeli diplomats in two separate countries, and Israel is blaming Iran for both of them. In India, a bomb exploded in an Israeli diplomat's car, and in the former Soviet republic of Georgia, authorities found a car bomb before it went off. No one was killed in either incident. Iran denies any tie to this. As you know, tensions are high between the two countries.

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