More Media Photo Bias

Via a tip from a reader...

Just when you though the media would have learned from USA Today's manipulating of photos of the Secretary of State, the New York Times run a photo in this article that gives conservative Supreme Court nominee Samuel A. Alito a sickly green pallor.

Is this an accident, incompetence on the part of the NY Times, or a deliberate act by a liberal news organization to taint a conservative Supreme Court nominee?

This photo clearly violates the National Press Photographers Association Code of Ethics and Articles I, IV, V, and VI of the American Society of Newspaper Editors Statement of Principles.

We can hope that the Times will correct this image and print an apology similar to that of USA Today's.

The photo can be seen side-by-side with an untainted version at Confederate Yankee.

Update: The photo has now been removed from the NY Times story, without a retraction.

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