Packing the Supreme Court, and the Lamest Media Hit Job Ever

June 7th, 2024 11:34 AM

The New York Times’s latest attempt at a manufactured scandal — that a few years ago, a Supreme Court Justice’s wife flew a flag upside down — is among the most desperate election-year media ploys ever seen. It’s obvious what this non-story is about: the corporate journalists are attempting to conjure up a pretense for the Supreme Court to be “reformed,” which, in this case, usually involves adding five or more new seats and immediately filling them with far-left ideologues.

Nobody’s buying it, because we know the media’s thoughts on the Supreme Court. As soon as Trump started nominating judges, they began questioning the court’s legitimacy and arguing that perhaps something needed to change.

Here’s how they’ve talked about it over the past year:



Journalism during an election year is like playoff hockey. Convinced that democracy itself its on the line, the narrative pushers have grown bolder and more shameless with their political hackery. At this point, sheer volume of nonsense has reached a point where one struggles to keep track of all their shenanigans.

Does anyone even remember how last week, during the final day of jury deliberation in Trump’s New York trial, a slew of mainstream news publications suddenly started blasting our phones with alerts proclaiming that a tape existed of the former President using a racial slur? It was only a week ago. What was that about?

Why is literally nobody talking about it anymore? Where did all the media interest go? Kind of weird how it all completely evaporated the second Trump was found guilty. It’s almost like these outlets knew they were publishing fake news.

That brings us to The Times’s latest non-story. Does anyone really believe the American news media, with all their criticism of America, flouting of norms, and scorn for tradition, are actually upset at the supposed mishandling of an American flag? It’s not like it was a pride flag.

Perhaps aware of their weak pretense, they tried to punch up their story with a new scandalous detail: the Alitos were also seen flying the “Appeal to Heaven” flag on one of their properties. You know, that flag commissioned centuries ago by George Washington. Apparently we’re meant to pretend it’s a symbol of January 6 or racism or something now.

Of course, the facts didn’t line up for that one either, and it became clear that history would have to be revised in order for democracy to be saved. Wikipedia made some stealth edits to its page about the flag, but then it came out that the deepest blue cesspit of a city in all of America, San Francisco, had been flying the flag outside its city hall for years. The local government tried to keep the narrative alive by quietly taking down the flag, but at that point everyone with an IQ above room temperature already had stopped paying attention to this fake scandal.

The journalists officially are out of control. Look forward to the next insane ploy as election day approaches. We’ll be here to cover it.