Brzezinski Attacks First and Second Amendments Simultaneously

On Thursday, MSNBC’s Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski managed to dismiss both the First and Second Amendment in the same sentence when she opined that the NRA “should be sued, and forced to take down” what she described as “inflammatory ads.”

Brzezinski voiced this startling opinion at the tail-end of her three hour show. In the final segment of the morning, an image of a recent NRA tweet featuring a photo of a firearm appeared onscreen, which read, “I’ll control my own guns, thank you.” Brzezinski responded: “The NRA, with their inflammatory ads, and threatening ads, should be sued and forced to take them down.”



Her remarks are the latest in a pattern of increasingly aggressive anti-gun rhetoric that she and her co-host Joe Scarborough have espoused since the horrific Parkland, Florida shooting last month. Brzezinski’s disregard for the right to bear arms appears to have bled into her reading of other constitutionally guaranteed freedoms, such as free speech.

In a particularly absurd twist of irony, Brzezinski made these comments less than one week after her fiancee and co-host spoke at the RTDNF’s First Amendment Awards, where he complained that the President was challenging “constitutional norms.” If Mr. Scarborough is interested in calling out those who speak against constitutional rights, he need only look to the person seated next to him on his weekday show.

Scarborough also found time to attack the NRA in his speech, accusing spokeswoman Dana Leosch of making “threats” against Brzezinski and other journalists in a recent NRATV ad. While Scarborough had no shortage of flattering things to say about the NRA during his time in Congress, he has since taken a more cynical outlook on the organization. He has also warmed up considerably to the notion of gun control.

Since February, Scarborough has written an op-ed in The Washington Post advocating for an assault weapons ban, smeared the NRA as “domestic terrorist enablers,” and referred to NRA supporters as “useful idiots.” Brzezinski, meanwhile, determined that pro-gun members of Congress would not be allowed to appear on the show until they were willing to talk about gun control.

Not that many would want to, considering what happened last time.

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