MSNBC's Ruhle Hopes Pandemic Could Usher In a 'More Inclusive Capitalism'

May 20th, 2020 5:37 PM

On Tuesday morning, MSNBC Live host Stephanie Ruhle became the latest cable "news" host to express hope that the current pandemic might present an opportunity to enact left-wing policies.

Speaking with Bernie Sanders, Ruhle asked, "Then is there -- maybe I sound romantic, but is there an opportunity to create at a time like this a better, smarter, more inclusive capitalism?"



She then congratulated Sanders on supposedly being ahead of the curve on the issue of "inclusive capitalism," as he grinned. (Team Sanders wants to end capitalism, not tweak it.)

Ruhle said "last year you went to Bentonville [Arkansas]. You went to Walmart's annual meeting and you were arguing they should put a member of their labor force on their board. You didn't get much traction, but fast forward a year, their labor force are the most essential workers. They're the reasons those companies have done so well and we’ve seen companies like Walmart and Amazon extend hazard pay, give more benefits, provide more security."

Sounds like those companies are doing just fine without any Sanders orders. Nonetheless, Ruhle then again patted Sanders on the back by asking him, "Is this the time legislatively where we should be doing more for those workers that you've been fighting for, for all these years?"

Sanders naturally agreed. "You know, Stephanie, if there's any silver lining in this horrible moment in American history, it is I think the belief we take a deep breath and ask ourselves how did we get to where we are? And where do we want to go when this pandemic is over?" He then proceeded to give his usual "Medicare for All" socialist stump speech.

He complained we were unique in tying health care to your job. "I think the American people now understand health care is not a job benefit, it is a human right that exists whether you're working, you're not working, you're old, you're young, you're rich or you're poor." He left out whether you're a citizen or a non-citizen, but the Democrats also favor being "inclusive" on that.