Morning Joe Fawns Over Pelosi, Says Republicans Look Like 'Skull And Bones'

MSNBC's Morning Joe took a break from comparing Trump to assorted dictators past and present to heap copious praise on Speaker Nancy Pelosi Tuesday morning. Co-host Joe Scarborough claimed it was funny that as part of the effort to re-elect President Trump, Republicans were trying to paint Democrats as the party of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, given Nancy Pelosi's apparent mocking of AOC's Green New Deal. 

Scarborough adamantly declared that the Democratic Party "is Nancy Pelosi's party" and any attempt to paint it as the party of Ocasio-Cortez was just a Republican effort to portray the Democrats as a bunch of far-left crazies. The fact that many Democrats in Congress and nearly everyone one running for President applauded the Green New Deal, which outlined the desire to get rid of the combustion engine and cow farts, was ignored by Scarborough.



MSNBC political commentator Mike Barnicle was in just as much awe of Pelosi. He credited her with uniting the various factions within the Democratic Party from the far-left to those on "the right." Which Democrats could be considered on the right was not said.  Twenty months until Election Day and Barnicle was already crediting Nancy Pelosi for delivering a win for whoever the Democrats happen to nominate, provided they do not "badly screw it up."

Barnicle stated that it was to the Democrats' benefit that they are better "reflection of America," to which Scarborough sardonically replied, "I'm not so sure. Donald Trump and the Republican Party, maybe they don't reflect how America looks right now, but they do reflect how Skull and Bones looked at Yale in 1947." 

Here is a transcript of the February 12 show:


Morning Joe

7:12 AM ET

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Mike Barnicle, it's so funny. I'm glad Yamiche brought this up that Republicans are just, they’re salivating over picking out, sort of cherry picking whether it’s Ralph Northam or AOC or whoever it is. A couple days ago I made the mistake after they put out their New Green Deal, of -- and Nancy Pelosi saying, “Well there’s this green thing and some people like it and I’m not exactly sure what it is, but everybody loves it.” I sort of put out a half joking tweet saying, well look, this is, you know, Nancy Pelosi's running this party. I mean, this is how it works. You have people that come in and they have these bold, sweeping plans. I had bold, sweeping plans, “We want to eliminate four cabinet agencies” and 40 reporters came in right and the appropriators just stared at us and were like, “Yeah are sure you are.” Here's Nancy Pelosi going, “You do what you do, it's good for your consistent, but I am still in charge here.” What’s so fascinating, after I tweeted that it was Nancy Pelosi’s party, there were a few progressives who said, “Oh really,” which I didn’t respond back, “Yes, this is Nancy Pelosi’s party,” but I had Republicans desperately attacking and some people at the RNC attacking me saying, insisting that it wasn’t Nancy Pelosi’s party, that it was AOC’s party and they are so desperate to try to make it AOC’s party or Ralph Northam’s party, when in fact the person running the Democratic Party is the third highest constitutional ranking officer in the land and her name is Nancy Pelosi. 

MIKE BARNICLE: Joe, I would not bet against the idea that a year, year and a half from now as the primary contests have been diminished, as there is a Democratic nominee, that much of the strength of the Democratic Party a year, year and a half from now would be attributable to Nancy Pelosi and what she has done to for lack of a better phrase, to begin to corral all the various widespread elements in the Democrat Party. 

The Democratic Party is a clear reflection of the United States of America, much more so than the Republican Party. And there are ideas on the far left, there are ideas on the right and Nancy Pelosi's skill and her career has put her in his position at this moment to really steer the Democratic Party towards what I think, unless they badly screw it up, will be a within for their presidential candidate a year and a half from now, despite Donald Trump's closing argument that we just saw. 

SCARBOROUGH:  Yeah Mika, I'm not so sure. Donald Trump and the Republican Party, maybe they don't reflect how America looks right now, but they do reflect how Skull and Bones look at Yale in 1947, I mean that's got to count for something.

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