Bozell Blasts IRS Double Standard: ‘Business as Usual’ for ‘Out of Control’ Administration

February 25th, 2015 6:43 PM

Appearing on the Fox News Channel’s (FNC) Your World with Neil Cavuto on Wednesday, Media Reserach Center President Brent Bozell reacted to dual news stories surrounding ObamaCare and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as “business as usual” for an “out of control” administration ruling “government by fiat.”

The first story came on February 20 that 800,000 ObamaCare enrollees had received incorrect tax information and then followed by news on Tuesday that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has allowed enrollees to keep extra money on their refunds due to the taxing error.

Commenting further, Bozell and Cavuto were quick to point out the double standard when comparing what had happened to conservative groups years prior: “How could that not be a national news story. It shows for the umpteenth tenth time, this is a program that is a disaster. It’s been nothing but a disaster.”

When asked by Cavuto who pays for ObamaCare beneficiaries being able to keep extra taxpayer dollars, Bozell explained: “You do. There’s been a decision that’s been made by who knows whom. Here we go again that says government by fiat, ‘we declare you don't have to pay it.’”

Bozell also noted that the scandal-ridden agency now “is making these unilateral decisions to advance the policies of this administration” instead of doing its job and ensuring that everyone pays both the proper and correct amount of taxes.

Asked what kind of media coverage that the story regarding improper tax information for 800,000 beneficiaries has received, Bozell observed that its “fascinating [that] if you watch NBC, which has just made a mockery of the whole idea of journalism, do you know, NBC hasn't touched anything here?”

He went on to cite fellow networks ABC and CBS as giving brief mentions with only 10 seconds on ABC and one story on CBS, but as for ObamaCare beneficiaries pocketing their extra refunds: 

On the fact that they're now unilaterally giving these refunds by the government with no authority to do so, you’d think that all these networks would be investigating this and trying to get to the bottom. Who did this? Who authorized this on whose authority? Whose behind this? You’d think they’d doing this if it were a Republican. They would be drilling as deeply as they could. Zero coverage. Doesn't exist.