Al Hunt: 'I Have No Idea What Bob Schieffer's Politics Are'

June 1st, 2015 8:26 AM

Is Al Hunt the most oblivious man in Washington, or was he just not telling the truth? On today's Morning Joe, lauding Bob Schieffer upon his retirement, Hunt actually said "I have no idea what Bob Schieffer's politics are."

No idea?  Really? Maybe Al hasn't been watching Scheiffer, but NewsBusters and its parent MRC have.  Take a look at this link for a compilation of Bob's greatest hits on Republicans and his gushing praise of Democrats.  Then come back and see us, Al, and let us know whether you now have an idea of Schieffer's politics.

Hunt claimed that being a reporter is "terribly important."  If so, Al should do some real reporting and let us know his findings as to Schieffer's politics.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Bob Schieffer yesterday as he retires from CBS News after nearly half a century. Twenty-four of those years he also moderated Face the Nation. And I want to talk about it with Al Hunt. Al's in Washington right. Al, Bob's a giant and there are fewer and fewer giants roaming the media world these days and he's one we're going to miss, isn't he.

AL HUNT: We'll miss him terribly, Joe. He is as you say a giant. Bob Schieffer just did it well. He did it right. I have no idea what Bob Schieffer's politics are; I don't think most people do, and it didn't matter. Because he was as straight a -- he was a reporter. Throughout his whole life he was a reporter. I think that's terribly important.