Campbell Brown Nixes Dennis Miller for Daily Show: 'Hasn't He Gone Right Wing?'

March 9th, 2015 6:09 PM

Did Campbell Brown just give away a dirty little secret: that conservatives are blacklisted in the entertainment business?   

On today's With All Due Respect, Brown and John Heilemann were kicking around the results of a poll as to whom Americans prefer to replace Jon Stewart as Daily Show host.  Tina Fey came in first, with Dennis Miller a close second.  Said Brown: "I can't imagine Dennis Miller. Hasn't he gone right wing?" Heilemann agreed: "that's not going to work."

But why?  Isn't the goal to be funny, to attract viewers, to—you should excuse the expression—make money?  Or are Brown and Heileman admitting that the MSM has a political religion in which conservatism is the unpardonable sin?

Note: Miller might call himself more of a libertarian than a conservative.

Note Deux: Brown wants Fey for the job. Heilemann plugged Chelsea Handler "she's vulgar, which is why I like her so much."

JOHN HEILEMANN: I'm now supposed to sing the Daily Show theme song [sings]. Okay, that's how it goes: I wanted to do Colbert. Americans have some ideas about who should replace the great, legendary, epic Jon Stewart as host of the Daily Show. A Quinnipiac poll says Tina Fey is the top choice, she got 19%. Dennis Miller, yes, that Dennis Miller, came in second with 16%, Brian Williams is down there with 7% [makes another sound], as Jon Stewart would say.

CAMPBELL BROWN: Wait, we didn't get you on camera, you have to do --

HEILEMANN: I know, they cut away from me while I was doing the tie thing, now I'm going to look like an idiot. All right, Campbell, who you got in the race to replace Jon Stewart? 

BROWN: I can't imagine Dennis Miller. Hasn't he gone right wing? You're going to replace Jon Stewart -- never going to happen.

HEILEMANN: That's not going to work. 

BROWN: Tina Fey! Without question!  And not because we need women in late-night. Because she is by far the most talented, funniest on that list. 

HEILEMANN: Yeah, I gotta say, I love Tina Fey. I think she's fantastic. I will watch any series she does. She's awesome.  Not for this job. Chelsea Handler is the woman. Chelsea Handler is the woman I want in this job. 

BROWN: Yeah? I don't watch Chelsea Handler.  What am I missing?

HEILEMANN: She's just fantastic. And she's vulgar which is why I like her so much. She's smart. She's done talk shows before, which is something that Tina Fey has not done. She's handled political guests, non-political guests. Chelsea Handler is my gal.

BROWN: All right: I'm with you!