Scarborough: No One in Mainstream TV Supports Limiting Immigration

January 15th, 2015 10:10 AM

Europe has been the target of numerous acts of Muslim terrorism, while its economies suffer and unemployment is rampant.  The United States is still recovering from 9-11 and has been the object of a number of terrorist attacks/attempts since then.  Yet in neither country is there a voice in mainstream television saying that right-wing parties might have a point when they advocate limits on immigration.

That was Joe Scarborough's point on today's Morning Joe: "I have yet to hear one person on American television or European television, mainstream, say these people [right-wingers favoring immigration restrictions] may have a point."

What would it take for the MSM here and in Europe to change their views on immigration?  Have the latest Paris attacks opened MSM eyes? 

JOE SCARBOROUGH: These forces [right wing parties calling for immigration restrictions] are always framed [by the MSM] in a negative light. But if you were born in France in 1945, let's say, or '48, post-war, or across Europe, you have seen radical changes in your country. Is there any legitimate argument for people saying, hey, let's slow down on immigration in our country, let's slow down on turning everything over? I only say this because I have yet to hear one person on American television or European television, mainstream, say these people may have a point. There's a reason why 60% of Europeans are ticked off with what's going on or whatever the number is in Germany or France. 

IAN BREMMER: The immigration debate in the United States has always been framed around jobs. It was the giant sucking sound. If we feel like our economy is going down that's when we have a problem with immigrants. When we don't it's not such a big deal. When you go to Europe, you will talk to mainstream Europeans, I've had these conversations across the continent. They will say we will accept a lower standard of living if our country can feel more French or more Danish or more Swedish. 

SCARBOROUGH: Because the very nature of America, obviously, is a melting pot. Immigrants: we're all immigrants. But that's not the case in Britain; that's not the case in France, that's not the case in Spain.  That's not the case in these countries who, again, feel like they're losing their identity.