Scarborough Scalds FBI for Labeling Oklahoma Beheading 'Workplace Violence'

Score one for Joe Scarborough.  The Morning Joe host today unleashed a tirade against the FBI for treating as a case of "workplace violence" the beheading by a fanatical Muslim convert of a fellow worker in Oklahoma.  Scarborough lashed out at the FBI's political correctness in claiming that there was "no indication" that the suspect, Alton Nolen, was copying the recent ISIS beheadings.

Said Scarborough: "how stupid does the FBI really think we are? Who exactly are they afraid of offending?"  Political correctness, in its more innocuous manifestations, can be good fodder for humor.  But when our government becomes so hobbled by PC that it cannot call Islamic fanaticism by its name, then political correctness becomes a grave threat to our national security.

Question: could President Obama's next FBI director be . . . Melissa Harris-Perry?

JOE SCARBOROUGH: A 54-year-old wife and mother and grandmother, Colleen Hufford, was attacked and actually beheaded by a former co-worker who spent the last few weeks trying to convert the other fellow employees to Islam. Local news outlets reported that he was shouting Muslim phrases during the attack. So the feds were called in to investigate. Their response according to the Washington Post: that there was no indication, quote, no indication that Alton Nolen was copying the beheadings of journalists in Syria by the Islamic State. Adding that they were treating this as quote workplace violence. Workplace violence. Really? Despite the fact the attacker's Facebook page had pictures of Osama bin laden, the Taliban, gruesome beheadings by ISIS, pictures celebrating the destruction of the Twin Towers and his promise that America would go up in flames and also his declaration that, quote, Islamic terrorists behead their victims because the president was bestowed by their prophet. Can you believe this?

The FBI says there was no indication that Nolen was copying ISIS? I'm not saying like ISIS has infiltrated us and this is going to happen. Seriously? FBI -- how stupid does the FBI really think we are? Who exactly are they afraid of offending? ISIS? Moderate Muslims? Because moderate Muslims are just as scared as moderate Methodists. And as political correctness now so pervasive through our government that the FBI can't tell Americans the truth of the beheading of a grandmother in the middle of America out of fear of offending Muslims? No, no: trust me. Muslims are offended by this creep's actions. But if the FBI now is so weakly resorting to political correctness after the beheading on U.S. soil can they really confront the evil that America faces and the threat of copycat killers? I mean, come on.

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