Latino Media Mad That Sanctuary Cities Are Asked To Provide Sanctuary

July 20th, 2022 5:16 PM

The anchors at the Spanish-speaking corporate media got triggered by the migration crisis occurring, not at the southern border towns where tens of thousands cross into the United States daily – but at the sanctuary cities of New York and Washington, D.C., where busloads of migrants from Texas and Arizona have been arriving under the orders of their governors to be provided … sanctuary.

The reactions at the Univision, Telemundo and CNN En Español newsrooms were nothing short of amusing, considering their vociferous support and advocacy of the massive numbers of migrants entering the nation illegally since Biden became president: from shock that “Imagine -3,000 people (have been) sent in recent weeks by the governors of Texas and Arizona”, to considering the migrants´ arrival at Washington, D.C., a calamity; “Even so, people keep coming with the hope of achieving a new and better life.”

Take a look at their grumbling over sanctuary cities providing sanctuary to illegal immigrants in their own backyards:

ALAN TACHER, UNIVISION: And all the homeless shelters in New York wake up full of undocumented migrants. We're talking about almost – imagine – 3,000 people sent only in recent weeks by the governors of Texas and Arizona


JOHANA SUÁREZ, TELEMUNDO: The immigration crisis; buses full of immigrants continue to arrive in Washington, DC from Texas


CRISTINA ÁLVAREZ, CNNEE: The governor of Arizona, Doug Ducey, signed the approval of a law to guarantee the necessary funds for border security. And, following the example set by Texas, it has sent 25 buses with migrants to Washington. Even so, people keep coming with the hope of achieving a new and better life.

Imagine that: 25 buses have been sent to DC by Arizona “following the example set by Texas”. Hardly a days’ worth of migrants making the crossing over a stretch of land in Arizona, where, as revealed by CNNEE, up to 1,000 migrants are arrested daily.

While the Hispanic corporate media try their level best to underplay the unprecedented migration crisis, the truth is in June alone, the Border Patrol reported 207,416 encounters along the southwest land border. Year to date, the number of reported encounters adds up to 1,734,686.

Evidently, it takes the whining of elite Acela corridor cities for the Latino nets to talk about a migrant invasion; this coming from the same networks that condemned Texas governor Gregg Abott for calling the uncontrolled entrance of illegals “an invasion”. We have the receipts.

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