Go Figure: Telemundo's Border Coverage Pushes ‘Whip’ Hoax

September 21st, 2021 4:55 PM

A rush of yellow journalism took hold of the staff at Telemundo, who chose sensationalism over reality during their embarrassing coverage of mounted Border Patrol agents attempting to control thousands of illegal immigrants crossing at Del Rio, Texas. 

Watch as Telemundo falsely stated, then repeated, that the Border Patrol's reins were "whips". Evidently, no one there has ever watched a Western or seen a mounted pistolero. Univision, in contrast, decided that reins were to be called reins.



NACHO LOZANO, TELEMUNDO: Now let's go to the images that have outraged the world and it's the other story grabbing headlines this morning. They show how Texas Border Patrol agents are throwing horses at and whipping immigrants trying to enter the United States.


FRANCISCO FAJARDO, TELEMUNDO: Meanwhile, the criticism is growing for this image where Border Patrol agents are seen on horseback, preventing the passage of a group of immigrants, whipping and causing some to fall into the water. 


EDGAR MUÑOZ, TELEMUNDO: But certainly Aranxta, what continues to cause outrage are the whippings, the Border Patrol elements on horseback, hitting, trying to deny immigrants access to this area last weekend. 


JORGE RAMOS, UNIVISION: Back to the breaking news of the day. This photograph you will see of the Border Patrol, on horseback with a long rein, beating and threatening Haitians.


BORJA VOCES, UNIVISION: The Department of Homeland Security is now announcing an investigation into officers who used horses and reins in menacing ways.

The Spanish-speaking media's sudden interest in the despondent situation at the border between Mexico and Texas seems fueled, not so much by the presence of Border Patrol agents on horseback, but by the fact that the pilgrimage does not consist of the usual Central Americans crossing in from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. These migrants are largely composed of Haitians, Cubans and Venezuelans for the most part. Missing from the reports: The usual $mmigration lawyer$ and act$vists (along with their allies in Congress) and their performative theatrics.

A big thumbs down to the news team at Telemundo who should know better. Transforming reins into whips in order to add drama and ratings constitutes a slap in the face of immigrants (lured by the Biden Administration´s promises of open borders) who are suffering through the unthinkable in order to cross into the United States. There is no need for fiction or further embellishment, given that one woman interviewed by Telemundo revealed that they were sleeping above fecal matter. That should be more than enough.

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