DECEPTION: Univision News STILL HIDES Ties To Biden Pollster

October 29th, 2020 3:29 PM

Univision's newscasts continue to tout the findings of the network's most recent national and state polls, indicating that President Trump lags behind Biden “in the intent of the Hispanic vote”. However, the network has yet to disclose that poll collaborators SomosUS (formerly known as the National Council of La Raza) and Somos Unidos are acknowledged Biden supporters; or that Latino Decisions- not mentioned in the report but included in the on-screen graphic- is a Biden pollster. 

While two of the three Univision newscasts that aired the poll findings on October 28, 2020, mentioned the pro-Biden activists role in the survey, they altogether skipped the chummy relationship between Univision's poll collaborators and the Biden-Harris campaign. Watch anchor Ilia Calderón's take:


Hello, how are you. Good evening.  An exclusive new survey of Univision News, SomosUS and Somos Unidos, reveals that President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden are embroiled in an arduous fight in four battleground states in this contest. Trump leads Biden in Texas in the intent of the general vote, 49% to 46%, though the president is behind the intention of the Hispanic vote. Biden leads over Trump 49 to 46 percent in the intent of Florida's general vote and also that of Hispanic voters in that state. The Democratic nominee also outperforms the president in the general vote intent in Pennsylvania and Arizona, 50% to 45%. And he would also win the Latino vote in those two states. The Univision News and Somos Unidos polls further reveal that the pandemic is weighing much more on the frame of mind of Hispanic voters, as Lourdes del Río informs us.

The Univision alliance with UnidosUS/SOMOS and Latino Decisions is not new, as MRC Latino pointed out  back in August, when viewers of Univision’s news were kept in the dark about the pollster -Latino Decisions- being part of the Biden campaign’s $1 million outreach program to lure Latino voters. 

Given Univision's silence about the true nature of their co-pollsters, objectivity can hardly be expected. 

Let advertisers like Capital One who enable such bias know how you feel. Write them a note here. Then click here to view Media Research Center Founder and President L. Bozell III’s letter to the FCC in strong opposition to the proposed rule change that would allow Univision to be 100% foreign-owned.