Telemundo’s Convention Coverage Promos Pushed Biden 

August 28th, 2020 4:16 PM

Decision 2020. That is the official theme of Telemundo´s platform for their coverage of the 2020 presidential elections. A decision that, judging by the intros aired prior to their coverage of the acceptance speeches for both presidential candidates, is being assisted by what comes across as an in-kind contribution to Joe Biden.

Watch the obvious differences in the content – and duration – of Telemundo´s introductions to Joe Biden during the Democratic Convention, compared to that of Donald Trump at the Republican Convention. Judge for yourself:

NARRATOR: Decision 2020

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: I am officially declaring a national emergency.

NARRATOR: America faces a health emergency, (the likes of) which hasn't been seen in 100 years. 

TRUMP: The left – wing mob is trying to demolish our heritage.

NARRATOR: In the midst of an economic, social, economic, and racial crises. Attacking the Democratic Party on a daily basis. Trump's presidency has been problematic. His approval ratings are very low. 

TRUMP: And we are going to win on November 3rd. Convinced that he'll win, Donald Trump wants to be reelected. He wants to continue being president. (Tonight) is...Trump's night.


NARRATOR: Decision 2020.

JOE BIDEN: The country is crying out for leadership.

NARRATOR: Joe Biden offers to unite the country. And after a convention that was not conventional at all, the Democratic Party supports their candidate. 

BIDEN: Now is the time for racial justice.

NARRATOR: He also demands justice and equality in the midst of a social crisis, the death of over 170,000 people due to the coronavirus, and the economic collapse.

BIDEN: I introduce to you, for the first time, your next Vice President of the United States, Kamala Harris.

NARRATOR: Choosing the first Black woman as his running mate, former Vice President and Senator from Delaware Joe Biden accepts his nomination and goes on to history, at the first-ever virtual Democratic convention. (Tonight) is Biden’s night.

The obvious take from both intros is that they parrot liberal talking points designed to portray Joe Biden as America's savior and Donald Trump as the villain. However, a close look at the content of both conventions and acceptance speeches will undoubtedly help audiences decide, pretty much against the wishes of the likes of Telemundo News.

Let advertisers like Febreze now how they enable bias in Hispanic News.